Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We spent our whole day off trying to figure out a way to find "Butter Beer" without paying the hefty entrance fee for "Harry Potter Land" at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We just couldn't justify a $90.00 beverage no matter how delicious the drink tasted. Also, I doubt that Nick and my new Vegan diets would allow us to indulge in any food item with the word "butter" in the name.

Unfortunately, our quest to find the infamous Harry Potter "Butter Beer" did not end successfully. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that Robert, our tour manager, much to Dia's horror, pulled the "Do you KNOW who this is?!" card. He leaned in to hiss into the poor ticket lady's ear, "This woman standing beside me is "Dia Frampton" from NBC's 'The Voice'!" Dia shuffled nervously from one foot to the other, tugging at Robert's sleeve like a frightened child eager to leave the intimidating sleepover. Then he all but wailed at her, "She worked will all the people that have their faces plastered all over your theme park!"  He stood back triumphantly to witness the effect of his brilliant efforts. 

I give Robert  kudos for trying at least. He's not a punk or anything. He's just really great at "finding a way" when we want something. That's why he's our tour manager. In this case though, he only received blank stares and a sarcastic, "Oh really? I ain't never heard of her before!" And that was that.

Not completely dismayed, we satisfied our "Harry Potter" fix somewhat by stopping at a tourist trap on the way out and snapping some photos with "Harry Potter" capes and wands. Take that Universal Studios! 

We would make such great wizards. Just saying'!

Which one's cuter? The owl or the Dia?

We crossed the vacant street on our way home from the theme park. Robert, always full of energy, bounded ahead of the rest of us. I trailed behind. Dia crossed just ahead of me, pulling her puffy evergreen hood lined with faux fur tightly around her neck. Taking light-hearted steps, she joyfully shouted out into the night air, "Oh, the city walk. Oh, the city walk, " in the voice of the "Honey Badger". (If you have not seen the "honey badger youtube video" yet, please stop reading my blog and view it right now! ) Robert turned around. He began flailing his arms about and started mimicking Dia in his slightly lower honey badger imitation, "Oooohh, the city waaaalk."  

It must have been the fresh evening air combined with the "Honey Badger" accents and our happy tummys that made me realize: we have finally come to "the moment" on this tour. The moment when a tour becomes a tour. The "camaraderie" between all of us crazy kids solidifies. We become a comfortable bunch of goons, in step with each other, gliding across the U.S.A.

I am writing this blog at 6:45 a.m! We are about to walk into NBC's News Station in Florida to perform "The Broken Ones" live. I am sitting on the bus. Jonathan (Bass Player) shuffles in, still in his pajamas, messy hair, messy face. He says in a scruffy morning voice, "Is it foggy in here?" Then he takes off his glasses, wipes them on his pajama pants, places them back on his nose, squints and says, "Oh."

I love tour...



  1. i had heard about this honey badger meme but had never seen the video. i decided to look it up after i saw the mug you posted on twitter, which i totally want to buy now. the video is hilarious!

    **if a reader is reading this and has yet to see this video, you should have listened to meg and looked it up. stop reading my comment and look it up. now. in fact, here's the link: http://youtu.be/4r7wHMg5Yjg
    you're welcome, reader ;)

    1. Thanks for the link. Really needed to hear the voice to get the total fun that Dia and Robert were having.

    2. I know! Isn't that video hilarious?!

  2. You. Are. A. Badass. Hahahaha thanks, it was hilarious!

  3. Glad to hear you guys are meshing! Based on the snippets of the shows I've seen on youtube, including the Exit/In show, it looks like you guys are having fun. Those moments of in-the-present reflection are priceless. It's like time slows down for a split second for you to take it in, and they're gone in an instant if you don't stop to recognize them.

    This is terrible, but the moment I read, "Do you KNOW who this is?!", I immediately thought, "The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!" It's an obscure "Last Samurai" reference, I'm almost ashamed to mention...haha.

  4. I started to freak out with excitement when I saw this blog up!!! My whole family is obsessed with Harry Potter. We're planning on going to Universal sometime in July. Did you guys go on any rides or by any souvenirs?

    Awesome pictures by the way!

    Yea, that Honey Badger video is quite something...

    1. Basically, Dia is the only one obsessed with Harry Potter, but I still enjoy the movies!

  5. all i can say is that, that ticket lady is missing out a lot =)

    As for "Robert"-He should not do that, cuz ppl wont know his name but they can remember Dia's name..instead of saying "do you KNOW who this is?"--say maybe " Dont you recognize them (you and Dia)?"--for sure they'll start guessing...i bet they'd say--Supermodels?! and Robert would say "that's right..."

    thanks for answering my questions Meg...gosh, i wish i have a cool job like yours!

    1. just dont give out your name, let ppl guess, and if they got it right or recognize you then hey! that person deserved a shoutout..or a signed boob, ha ha haa!!!!

  6. I went two summers ago.
    Yeah, the butterbeer was very expensive.
    But it sure was delicious.
    Haha, why not make a Harry Potter chandler?
    I'd buy that in a heartbeat

    1. Ooooh I second the Harry Potter Chandler idea!

    2. I would also love a Harry Potter chandler!

    3. So you actually got to taste the infamous beer... No fair! ha ha

  7. It's on my bucket list to visit "Harry Potter Land"!
    Love the wizard pictures :) I think it's funny that Dia is in Slytherin...

  8. I went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure just last year! In fact, I'm going there next week! I missed you guys by only one week. Boo! I'm not ready for the humidity down there. I'm sorry you guys couldn't get some butter beer!

    I'll drink one for you guys!

  9. I love how you are so descriptive in your blog posts. It's as if I'm reading a wonderful novel, and I can actually imagine myself experiencing everything you guys are going through. Wonderful! Thanks a lot for that!

    On a side note, 90$ is a rip-off. I don't think it's that special of a drink, aside from the fact that it happens to be mentioned in one of the most influential novels of the millennium. What does the butter beer taste like?

  10. I saw the video from the show this morning:

    It's funny how they listed Dia's name as "Fia" on the above website. Let me see they don't know her at the amusement park and they spelled her name wrong. What's up with these Dumbledork's? I thought that you guys briefly lived in Florida too.
    Anyway, glad too hear that the fun is escalating as the tour continues.

    Curious, in your opinion, is her Honey Badger imitation as good as the Butters imitation? I think I heard it on the spot she did for Indonesia. Do they know what South Park is there?

  11. I love the honey Badger video! "Ewww!!! he's eating larva...honey badger don't give a shit"

    P.s I love your Blog

  12. Honey badger doesn't give a shit. I'm glad that you understand.

    I would kill to go to HP world... $90 admission or not.

  13. Agh! The more I read about your wondrous adventures and the truck loads of fun you're having, the more the little green beast of jealousy swells within me. If only I hadn't stopped practicing piano all those years ago, maybe I'd be proficient enough to go on my own tour (and perhaps if my singing voice wasn't as bland as a stale rice cake). It warms my heart to see how big of Harry Potter nerds Dia and you are, those pictures of you two are more precious than a Sorcerer's Stone. Hope all goes well for the remainder of tour.

    (Funny story: I looked up that honey-badger video, and right as I clicked "play," my dog came up and started licking my bare feet. The narrator's humorous accent combined with the overwhelming tickling sensation of a dog's tongue in-between my toes resulted in me collapsing to the floor in hysterical laughter. I got quite a few peculiar glances from my parents ha ha.)