Sunday, January 22, 2012

Limbo in Nashville

When Dia and I were little starry-eyed girls, my father would always tell us that we ought to visit Nashville for a week or so sometime. He has always been a strong believer in going directly to the source of whatever it is that drives a person. Since music is what drives Dia and I, naturally a city like Austin or Nashville should be first on our lists.

Now it looks as though we have our chance. Dia is fairly familiar with the area, since she spent a bit of time here writing for her new record "Red". The rest of us have only passed through this honky-tonk city.

We have been staying in a cheesy hotel with a guitar shaped pool (yes, really!) for five days so far with another three days to kill before our performance at The Exit Inn. Then the Blake Tour will continue on as planned. For those of you that are concerned about the canceled shows, don't worry. The shows will be rescheduled at the end of tour.

I'm sure you've already heard about the passing of Blake's father, which is the reason for the cancelled tour dates. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Blake.

I have tried to spend my time being productive during this time off. Each day I tuck myself away in between aisles at Barnes and Noble engrossed in several books at a time. We've become regulars at a few local vegan restaurants such as "The Wild Cow" (my ultimate favorite) and "The Silly Goose". Dia convinced us all to go line dancing last night at the "Wild Horse Saloon" and Mr. "I can't dance" (Nick) found himself smiling and cutting loose with all the country western folk on the dance floor.

How have I held up on my Vegan diet? Pretty well. I caved once and told everyone I was going to slurp up a kale smoothie from the Wild Cow while they were sipping on Coffee at Ugly Mug. Instead I snuck into a Jeni's ice cream, feeling like a criminal on the run, and devoured a salty caramel scoop of pure sin. Those were the most amazing two minutes of my stay here in Nashville. (If Nick reads this blog, I'll never hear the end of it!)

Our touring circus consists of five musicians, a tour manager, a merch guy, a sound engineer, and an intern/guitar tech/body guard. That makes nine of us. A scramble for the one shower we share between us takes place every morning. I try to wake up a little early to beat the shower rush, but I'm just so exhausted each morning from a whole day before of "not playing music". I usually end up strolling up to the hotel room, shower bag tucked under my arm pit, at about the same time that we run out of clean towels. 

Although we have given Nashville a fair shot, the general sentiment is pretty similar to our bus driver's response to our tour manager's question this morning:  

"How's it goin' Wes?"

"I'm bored as Hell."

Nick said, "All we do is eat and sleep and eat and sleep" to which I said, "but Nick, that's what all people do." "No. We usually eat and sleep and play music and eat and sleep and play music!" 

Nashville, I'm sure you are a great city. The thing is, we don't want a great city right now. We want our great tour back!



  1. Aww :( I hope things get better!
    and I can't imagine a world without ice-cream!!

  2. I am horrible when it comes to dealing with boredom. I know pretty well how you feel. All you can tell yourself is that it's not lasting forever.

    Why not do a cover? I don't know where you'd go since you'd probably get complaints if you play in the hotel room XD

    1. A cover just might be in store for tomorrow...

    2. ... and the next day. and the next day. and the next...
      Nah, I'm just kidding.

      Maybe you could post a vlog? It'd be a great addition to all the photos you guys have been posting! It also gives Nick a chance to show off his moves, haha (I can't dance either btw).

      Stay strong, Meg. Avoid that ice cream.

  3. Limbo may not be accurate. Are sure you're not in the Twilight Zone with a guitar shaped pool, one shower for the group and Nick enjoying Line-dancing? Meg, Keep Nashville Weird!

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  5. Oh wow, I didn't know what had happened to Blake. That's terrible. : (
    Don't worry though, the time will pass soon enough! I hope the rest of the tour goes well and as planned for all of you. Resist that ice cream Meg! haha wow just saying to resist ice cream is tough...

    1. I know. I just feel so sorry for him. That's gotta be so tough. There is no way I can resist ice cream! Especially with Dia the queen of cupcakes around. ha ha. Actually, I'm going to be super good from now on. I promised myself.

  6. Meg, One bad thing with being bored and having nothing to do but eat..slipping from eating vegan! Since you're in Nashville I'll just say, when you fall off the horse just get right back on. It's all you can do. Have you tried any of the vegan ice creams out there? There's a great place here in SLC that has soft serve vegan ice cream and...vegan cupcakes! They also have other vegan sweets that are awesome. You guys should try them when you're here, Cakewalk bakery.

    Did I read that there might be a new cover tomorrow? Yes, please. :)

    1. Cakewalk Bakery! That sounds delicious. Thanks for the tip:)

    2. And yes there is a cover. I'm going to be covering Mike Snow's "Animal". I'll let everyone know when it's ready!

  7. I always thought Nashville was the greatest city in the US until I visited Austin!