Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Tiny Dancer Bot" FREE shipping available only to CTR's Newsletter Subscribers and readers of "Girl On the Road Blog"!

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You know that comfy white tee that you throw on for Saturday mornings while you are preparing blueberry pancakes for your hunny?

Or how about the pair of jeans that you've worn in for years now and can't seem to give up?

Jewelry can and SHOULD feel like that!


True, we don't want to be judged by our outside appearances, but don't look at your "outside" as a platform for people to judge you by, but rather a "stage" for you to be creative and expressive. Allow what dangles from your neck and your ears to make you feel more like YOU! 

For subscribers of the Chandler the Robot Email Newsletter and readers of my "Girl on the Road" blog, I have a SENSATIONAL deal to offer you. The actual release date of "Tiny Dancer" Robot is February 2nd, but I'm letting you guys in on a secret pre-order a week in advance. I'm not telling anyone else through twitter, or Facebook, or anything. I'm only letting readers of this blog and subscribers to my email newsletter in on this to thank you all! The pre-order begins now! If you order between now and the acutal release date (Feb 2nd) and you enter the coupon code: eltonjohn,  you will receive free shipping! 

After the pieces I designed for Dia's coach and "Country Star" Blake Shelton and his lovely wife, Miranda Lambert (Cowbot) as well as Dia herself (Diabot), I was determined to create a robot even more awe-inspiring and memorable.

 Imagine, a tiny robot dressed in a delicate dancer tutu, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet crafted from solid steel so she is anything but fragile! A bowtie on the side of her copper head completes her chic robotic style.

  •                 "Tiny Dancer" bot is 1.75" tall
  •                  Chain is approximately 19" long. (I know the norm is 18", but I think 19" looks cuter!)
  •                  Designed by artisan/ craftswoman Meg Frampton (Me, duh!) with love and care:)
  •                  Made from a stunning alloy metal with pure copper coating
  •                  This is an exclusive "Limited Edition" piece. ONLY 100 pieces will be made!
Visit my online jewelry shop to order:

Enter coupon code: eltonjohn upon checkout to receive your FREE shipping! 

Silvia Chelazzi, writer of "Born in 82 Fashion and Creativity Blog" (one of the top fashion bloggers in Italy) says about "Tiny Dancer Bot":

"Yesterday, browsing the handmade fabulous world, I found a lovely online shop selling amazing necklaces with a robot pendant that immediately caught my attention. It won my heart in a second! I strongly suggest you to take a look at this shop!"    ~Silvia Chelazzi

If for any reason at all you are not totally happy with your robot, I will issue you a full refund or exchange. 
Like always, you guys know If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:


P.S.  Only 100 Tiny Dancers are available as part of this "Limited Edition". Ships within 2-3 weeks starting from the release date, but most likely will take about a week to arrive.


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  3. Yaaay! I have a reason to check the mail again. Every day, I'll be waiting.

  4. Yay! Keep in mind that they won't be shipped out until the actual release day which is Feb 2nd...But I will get them out as quick as humanly possible:)

  5. Love new design! Pre-Ordered!
    Question: Do you still make all of these by hand or do you have an army of minions churning them out now that you are busy with the tour?

  6. Rusty,

    For these ones I have an army of minions. I still work closely with them. Sketch the original designs. There is a lot of back and forth communication getting them just how I want them. When April rolls around, I'm going to have a whole spring collection I'm going to release when I'm back at home of clay pieces that I'll be making myself. So excited!!!

  7. Awesome! Can't wait to see the spring collection!!! ...and can't wait to see you guys live next month!!! Thnx for replying so quickly <3