Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dia Frampton's Headlining Show in Towson @ The Recher Theatre

Liem took some fabulous photos of our performance in Towson. To read the rest of Liem's write up about our show, visit Liem Nguyen's Blog! Thank you Liem. These photos made all of us smile:)


  1. Love the last one :)

    Unfortuantely, I guess it's hard to get a picture of Nick cause he's in the back...

  2. yes.. unfortunately, it was very hard to get Nick back in the stage. The drum set was in the way from my angle! Thanks meg for the credit! :)

  3. I know! That's always the case. Poor Nick. There was one shot, but all you can see is the tip of his head behind the drum shield. Not Liem's fault at all. I'll get a good shot of him soon!

  4. I'm loving the pictures~! It makes me wish you could come back to Toronto, Canada for another show. It's been a while.

    1. Totally agree!!! I've never seen you guys live before and this is where I'll be :)

  5. Really like the last two. I rarely ever get Jonathan's face in a shot, he's always looking down!

    I got a a pretty good pic of Nick with sunglasses on at a headlining show from a few years back. Always makes me laugh when I see it. He looks all cool and chill-axed in it.