Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painting Our Faces in the Mac Showroom in New York City

This isn't any old Mac store. We visited THE MAC SHOWROOM!

Moises, our fabulous make-up artist for the hour, educating Dia and I. He always listened so patiently to all our exclamations, "What does THAT do?!"

All the colors of the rainbow

"Hmmmm, I wonder if there are cupcakes around the corner..."

Goodness, I wish I could have taken the whole showroom in my purse! Thank you mac!


  1. i am dying of jealousy right now.

  2. You are so lucky. I dream of being a makeup artist or a singer. These pictures of MAC helped me a lot to know how everything goes. You and Dia are also a big role model for my music dream! I must say I am also dying of jealousy right now.

    1. Also I want to be a meteroligist (Or however you spell it). I wonder if my dreams will come true.....

  3. That looks like so much fun!!! I love how everything looks so organized!

  4. Gorgeous girls! I have a love of Mixed Asians...most gorgeous creations under the sun!

    I am the proud mommy of two half Chinese and half white babies...a boy 11 months, and a red headed daughter who is 2 years. Was it hard or did you find any challenges growing up in a mixed cultural home? I am white, my husband Chinese...and we are trying to teach our children both languages, but it's hard since I speak very little Mandarin. Was your mother able to teach you?