Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tiny Dancer Bot Officially Released Tonight At Midnight

I am so excited! I wasn't sure I would be able to pull of creating a "First Thursday" design while still traveling on the road with Dia Frampton on the "Blake Shelton" Tour, but...I'm amazing. What can I say:) O.K. maybe I had some great help from a wonderful woman (a.k.a. my mother) who is handling the orders for me while I'm on the road.

Tiny Dancer Bot

Everyone who is a regular reader of my blog probably has heard the news. If you have already purchased a "Pre-Order" of the Tiny Dancer Bot, thank you! Yours will be the first to be sent out. And, you are guaranteed a Tiny Dancer Bot, because I only have about 40 left. I'm pretty sure they are going to sell out fast tomorrow!

Tiny Dancer Bot

To everyone who doesn't know about "First Thursday". I started an event last year where I release a special Limited Edition Piece on the First Thursday of each month. I usually only release 50-100 pieces in each collection.

Visit my online shop to order:

The Pre-Order will still be in effect today. Enter coupon code "eltonjohn" during checkout to receive free shipping. After tonight, the coupon code will no longer be in effect.

Going to go to sound check now! Hope to see you guys at some shows on this tour!


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  1. Just wanted to say that you have a stellar work ethic! That applies to your sister as well. You guys make the most of each day. We are all the beneficiaries of the hard work. It has been a lot of fun to follow this tour on line!
    How appropriate that the "Tiny Dancer" is on this tour with you.