Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists

Thank you for posting over 200 comments in reply to my Facebook Page question: "Who are your top 5 favorite bands/artists?

This question popped up in my head yesterday when I realized I didn't have any sort of "musical pulse" on what everyone was listening to these days. I've been listening to Blake Shelton and Justin Moore every day lately! Your answers have given me and everyone else who joined the conversation a lot of new bands/artists to dive into. 

I had wrongly assumed that everyone was going to choose the same 30 or 40 artists/bands, and then the most popular top ten would be easy to pick out. Quite the opposite happened. I believe just about every person's response of their top 5 turned out to be a completely different arsenal of artists than everyone else's choices. So I ended up with a list of 200 times 5 = 1,000 completely different names. This is good though. It shows that we are all completely unique and have a lot to learn from each other!

 Nick and I had quite an enjoyable experience reading through EVERY single answer! I'm glad to see that a few of you put "American Spirit", "American Tomahawk", and "Andrew Allen" in your top 5. (Nick's eyes lit up when he saw a vote for "American Spirit".) It was also cool to see "All Time Low" and "Bayside" up there since we've toured with them in the past. 

Halfway through the list Nick shrieked, "Better Than Ezra! That's the band from the 90's that we always karaoke to." "Angus and Julia Stone! I love that band. I forgot about them." Then he ran over to his laptop and pulled up their website. We slow danced to "Black Crow". 

Some names that kept repeating were as follows: Lights, Tegan and Sarah, Bon Iver, Paramore, Foster the People, Florence + the Machine, Brand New Mumford and Sons, Lana Del Ray, Hey Monday, and The Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars was the only band I hadn't heard of, so thank you for that tip. I'm going to check them out today. Also thanks for reminding me about "Local Natives". I fell in love with them a few years back when I saw them play at SXSW.

A lot of people were surprised I'm a fan of Eisley, which surprised me. I love Eisley! We were label mates of theirs when we were on Warner Bros. I would have totally geeked out if they ever walked into the Warner Bros. offices when we were there. Unfortunately it never happened.


P.S. Some of you didn't listen to me and still put "Dia Frampton" and "Meg and Dia" in your top five! That was against the rules. I'm not going to lie though, I'm not that mad about it:) 


  1. Thanks for doing that Meg! Gave me a lot of new music to listen to on my flight to Chicago on Friday to see you guys again! Can't wait!

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  3. What? You guys toured with bayside? Oh man I bet that was a good tour with both bands on the bill.

    1. Touring with Bayside was amazing! I think all of Meg and Dia would agree that that was our favorite tour. Anberlin was on that tour as well.

  4. i'm so picky about music and i'm lacking music knowledge as well...so i guess i'll be checking out all those comments to find new artists and bands. :)

    1. Hi Sam, You should definitely check it out. There were some really great suggestions on there!

  5. Aw I didn't see your post! But I'll list mine now :)

    Meg & Dia (I know that you said not to put ya'll, but I will anyways haha)
    Relient K
    The Rocket Summer

    That's six, but oh well. :)

  6. I read through a lot of those comments and I found it interesting.

    I've always loved Billy Talent. The Foo Fighters and Metric are really good too. I've also started to listen to a band called The Joy Formidable. They've got some cool songs.

    1. I love the Joy Formidable! Their single is so great. Nick and I saw them at FunFunFunFest in Austin. They really amazing live as well! I need to copy some of that girls moves. ha ha

  7. Woah, this definitely gives me a lot more bands to discover. I'm really glad you did this.

    I have a question. The Nerdbot releases at 12:00am right? In what time zone is that? Because I think that will be 3:00am for me.

    1. Oh never mind , You already answered that question. Sorry.

    2. No worries:) Correct. Midnight tonight. Eastern Time.

  8. I loved reading through everyone's favorite artist selections. It was a great exercise, and I'll definitely be adding many of them to my playlist. I was going to add The American Spirit to my top 5, but I figured Nick's involvement made it Meg & Dia related.

    MegDia_Fan, I just started listening to The Joy Formidable too, and they're great.

  9. i gave you my top 5 on Feb 23 before you even asked.
    i must have planted the question in your head...i must have super powers.
    my top 5 not counting Meg & Dia are...
    The Beatles
    Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Old 97's
    Dave Matthews Band or Mumford & Sons or gin blossoms or guster or Michelle Branch/The Wreckers

    not counting Meg & Dia makes it hard to pick #5

    1. Wow, didn't think I'd see MB or the wreckers pop up.. I'm a fan too :)

  10. I was watching an Eisley live stream thing a while ago and sherri said something about dias cover of heartless! I forgot what she said though :(
    I loved reading everybodys favorite bands, I got really excited everytime I saw someone put Lydia haha

    1. We went on tour with Lydia WAY back in the day. That was one of my first tours ever. Great band. Haven't seen them in awhile though.

  11. Hey Meg!! I didn't see the FB post so I will post them, right here, Right now!!

    1. Blind Pilot
    2. The Civil Wars
    3. Brett Dennen
    4. The American Spirit
    5. Florence + The Machine

    Also when will you be posting pictures of Herman?? I need to see him in real life and not a sketch to convince my mom to get me one.

  12. I'm so glad you guys saw my Angus & Julia Stone comment! I was afraid the massive number of comments would make my comment go unnoticed... but I'm glad you two saw it and slow-danced to "Black Crow". That absolutely warms my heart!

    It's good to see that we're all a little cultured here, and we're sharing a few of our favorite musicians! Do I hear a new collaboration coming on with one of them... ?!

  13. Tell Nick that Sons & Daughters by The American Spirit is my ringtone and the other day at work my phone went off (I work at Bogart's a pretty famous music venue in Cincinnati. I know MAD has played there a few times before) and someone in the box office asked who it was because they we digging it! I told them to get the EP off iTunes! Ha ha

  14. I didn't see you post that question otherwise I would have answered:
    1. Eisley (I love that you love Eisley!)
    2. [insert M&D if I could] A Fine Frenzy
    3. Avril Lavigne (no joke)
    4. Copeland
    5. Kimbra (my new obsession)
    ... and I know you love Azure Ray. They're one of my favourites too, they'll be somewhere in my top 10.

  15. Eisley and Meg & Dia are battling for my number 1 favorite band (looks like Warner hasn't been so nice to them too!). Now that you mention it, the Civil Wars too. I hope you love them, they're absolutely amazing and funny and all that. They just won 2 grammys and are part of the Hunger Games Soundtrack!

    In other topics, I placed a Chandler order 4 weeks ago and it still hasn't showed up. I live in France, so maybe that's why, but I wanted to ask you. I wanted to offer it to my mom to celebrate the end of her chemo.

    Anyway, just thanks for your blog, love reading it! I'll try and comment more often!

    1. Oh no! Sometimes international orders have been known to get lost... Some Canada orders have taken that long. If you email me your order# and name and date you placed the order, I'll look up a tracking number for you (meg@chandlertherobot.com) We need to get Chandler to your mother quick!

    2. Ok, thank you so much! I'll take care of that tomorrow! Anyway even if it got lost it's not your fault :)

  16. Thrice
    Echoed Illusions
    Yeng Constantino

  17. I can't believe you haven't heard of The Civil Wars.. O_o

  18. Meg & Dia and Eisley are my two favorite bands, Meg & Dia covering an Eisley song or vice versa would be awesome...

  19. I really like a lot of those bands too.
    But besides Meg & Dia my top 5 are:

    Dashboard Confessional
    The Honorary Title/Jarrod Gorbel
    The Narrative

  20. Yeah I'm really glad you asked that question, cause I have a tumblr where I post indie music or music I like so I can keep it all in one place. Now I have many more bands to put up. I've already posted some MaD, I'll have to post up some American Spirit on it too.

    I also can't believe I forgot to put As Tall As Lions on my top five, they're so good. I know probably everyone says this, but if you haven't heard of them, you should look them up. They're amazing.

  21. Aw I didn't get see the facebook post either, but here's my list:

    Land of Talk (highly recommend them to everyone!)
    Freelance Whales
    The Naked and Famous
    Postal Service

    Surprisingly hard to just narrow down the top 5 :]

    1. To be honest, Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance should be on that list too, but I just wanted to mention some more lesser known bands for people to check out

    2. Oh no! I forgot about The Temper Trap. even though I've had their album on repeat for the past couple weeks. Haha I'm not good at narrowing down the top 5 apparently

  22. I wrote Angus and Julia Stone as a reply and wow, I'm happy that you guys are also a fan. :D Big Jet Plane would be my favorite. :D

  23. Reading old posts and sadly I missed this one. I love reading these types of posts (plus favorite albums). Life is what happens when you makes plans and what not. Anyways I'd like to offer up my top 5. Sometimes I may list 2-3 in the 6-10 position (if making a top 10 list) but for this I'll go with the bands that I have all if not most of their catalog:

    1. Rush
    2. Pink Floyd
    3. The Beatles
    4. Kiss
    5. Blue Oyster Cult

    ELO, Cheap Trick & Van Halen are just a few that could've made the top 5. Maybe I should send you my spotify playlist.