Thursday, March 1, 2012

Calling All Nerds!

Introducing my NEWEST piece to join the CTR Jewelry Collection: "Herman the Nerdbot"! 

Do you have that man in your life who understands html coding better than he reads the English language, or a best friend who categorizes her closet not only by color but by size as well? (O.K. I might be guilty of doing this myself…)

I do! I am in love with a "nerd" actually. My "nerd" boyfriend inspired me to create "Herman the Nerdbot". I used to whine, stick my face in between his eyeballs and the computer screen, and ask him, "Honey, don't you care about me more than battling the Zurgs?" Now I make him a cup of tea and lovingly place it next to his "hi-tech" mouse he bought specifically to improve his virtual powers. (He is trying to save a universe after all…)

Nerds, let us come together and join our geeky forces! 

Visit my online jewelry shop to order "Herman the Nerdbot"!

Last year I started a tradition of releasing a Special "Limited Edition" Design on the first Thursday of each month. I call this event "First Thursday" naturally. There are only 100 robots available each release. I sprinkle a little extra love and care on the design and creation of my "First Thursday" Bots. Usually they pertain to something special and meaningful happening in my life at that time.

 While I have been touring with my sister, Dia Frampton, I can't help but notice how much time each of us spends reading or learning new languages (Dia is really killing it with that Korean Rosetta Stone of hers!) I wanted to create a bot to honor knowledge, because I think it is so important to keep learning. I also thought how fun it would be for everyone to have a little robot to give to that special nerd in your life to acknowledge all that their nerdiness has accomplished and will continue to accomplish!

What else makes "Herman the Nerdbot" so marvelous?

  • Made from an alloy metal with silver coating. (Many of you have been asking for "silver":)
  • 1.75" tall
  • Includes a vintage silver chain that is 19" with a 3" adjustable tail
  • Complete with snazzy bow tie and intelligent glasses. 
Visit my online jewelry shop to order "Herman the Nerdbot"!

 "Tiny Dancer Bot", February's very popular "First Thursday" design sold out in two days! So be sure to order yours soon:) 

My mother will be shipping out all 100 of these orders for me while I'm on tour.  I'll warn you she's FAST, so they should be arriving in about 3-5 business days (unless you are outside of the U.S. International orders can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks.)

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions: 


P.S. It has been great meeting so many of you at "Dia Frampton's" shows on the "Blake Shelton Tour"! I hope to run into all the rest of you before the tour is over!


  1. It's hard to tell from the pics, but does Herman have glass or crytal in the eyeglass frames?

    1. Hi Tim, No. Herman is made out of one material: an alloy metal with a silver coating. I am in the production process of using some black and white cubic zirconia on some keychains I'm working on though!

    2. keychains?! ahhhh that's a great idea!

  2. First of all, LOVE the Nerdbot! My boyfriend and I are both nerds in our own way and we bring out the nerdy, dorky sides of each other even more than they are already there! As a teacher I am always trying to inspire future nerds and also enlighten them to the cool stuff I find out in the world too! I even coach my school's Scholastic Bowl team! Rest assured along with all the studying I show them great music like yours and many of the others mentioned by people in your favorite musician posts (Love Tegan and Sarah and Eisley too!)
    Secondly, so, so, so excited for your show tomorrow! We will be seeing you in Chicago!