Monday, April 2, 2012

A Bed and a Guitar

I'm writing this post lying on the floor on my stomach in an empty room aside from a few bloated cardboard boxes and an ikea floor lamp. Nick is prancing through our empty apartment spraying spritzes of one of his homemade "natural", "essential" oil mixes. The window is open. I'm staring at startling greenery (for Austin at this time of year. Thank you spring rain!) and smelling hints of lavender and evergreen. Nick opens the door, peeks his head through, and asks me, "What are you doing in this empty room on the floor?" I give him the same glance I give to everyone when they interrupt me when I'm either writing a song or a blog post. My eyebrows come together and do a little dance and my lower lip puckers outward. "I'm writing a blog!" I wine in an effort to exaggerate the fact that I'd like some time alone. "Well, why you gotta do it in here?" "Because there is music out there, and it's calm in here." "Well, it was", I think to myself. He gives me one of his "looks" and then turns and walks away. I couldn't help thinking about what I knew he was thinking as he continued with the finishing touches on our apartment: "God, why am I dating a "creative", artist, hippie chick with extremely irritating dietary requirements? I should have listened to my mother and stuck with Anne back in high school. Yeah, she had a boring hair cut, but all of her meals were loaded with butter and sugar, and she would never EVER pay more attention to a blog than ME…"

Yes, we are in the midst of packing and moving. I can't wait for the day when I can stop this "packing and moving" bit. It's tiring and dull.

I spoke to my mother today and raved about Nick being the "Craigslist King"! You guys should have heard him wheeling and dealing on the phone, "What?! $75.00 without the wooden slats? What am I supposed to do with wooden slats with no matching head board! No, I will not accept that measly amount for a mattress! You want ME to deliver it to WHERE?!"

 I usually try to coax his blood pressure down after one of these conversations with one of my oats, dried berries, and ground flax-seed meal concoctions, but I gotta tell ya, his mood just doesn't revive the way it used to when I used to butter him up with  "fresh-out-of-the-oven" milk chocolate brownies lathered with sinful chocolate frosting.

My mother gave me the gift of health for my birthday, paying for my attendance to the "Engine 2 Immersion" that took place this past weekend in Austin. The event took place on "Boggy Farm", the oldest organic farm in the nation. Fresh fruits and exotic vegetables sprouted from the ground in vibrant green rows. The owner, Leanne, hoed and watered alongside our large tent, while speakers educated us on the wonders of the Dinosaur Kale and the horrid "national fad" of coconut products.

"Boggy Creek Farm" in Austin, Texas

I am thankful for the knowledge I have soaked up over the past two days. I tell Nick how strange I feel when I am the youngest person at all of these health conventions and jewelry conventions I attend. I tell him that because I started touring at 18, I went from 18, toured for 7 years, and didn't continue being a mid-twenties person, but passed right through that stop and headed straight for the 50's and 60's station. Here I am learning about blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels and wire-wrapping jewelry. (Nick really is a brave man…)

I'm turning 27 tomorrow. I had a strange and powerful urge to buy french-manicured nails for myself for my birthday. I'm not sure why I have always wanted them. I just think they are so beautiful, and I love the "clicky" sound they make when a woman at the grocery store with long nails tallies up my grocery bill. "Nice day today." Click, click, click. "You makin' a salad bar?" Click, click, click.

I asked Nick what he thought about me having longer nails. Whenever I ask him about what he thinks about a new haircut or some sort of physical change, he always says he likes me the way I am. That's what I like about him. I sat on his lap, while he reluctantly slashed a few prices on a washer and dryer still for sale on his laptop. "Babe," I began in a soft voice, "What do you think about me getting some of those long nails?" He would have seen my eyelashes flutter if he had only looked away from his computer screen for a few moments. "Huh? Well, ya know, I don't really mind one way or another." Wait for it…" They seem to be a bit in the way though, and also an unnecessary expense. How are you going to play your guitar?"

Hmm? What guitar. I peeked over my shoulder. Oh, I guess my guitar was here in my room the whole time. One of my last possessions to be packed.  Maybe I didn't want to notice it laying there. Maybe I haven't been ready to see it quite yet, not after playing it every day for three months straight. "Actually, I hate long nails. No. Don't do it.  I'm against them. Why would you do that to yourself!"I knew he would come around.

Maybe I should pick up my guitar today and tinker around a bit in between cleaning out the pantry and vacuuming these empty rooms…or maybe I should wait a few more days.

Goodbye Austin.



  1. It must be tough leaving Austen considering how much you love it!

    Anyway, I wanted to wish you a Happy Early Birthday! I hope it's really great despite all the packing and stuff.

    Keep on keepin' on, Meg!

  2. The tour's over, you're moving, and it's your birthday tomorrow... must really feel like you're stepping into a new stage.

    Anyway, early Happy Birthday Meg!

  3. Woah, It's seems like just yesterday you were tweeting how excited you are to move into Austin.

  4. AWW! Nick is so sweet!! I hope to find a sweet guy like him some day.

    P.S Happy Birthday!! ~</:'D

  5. I wish you the best of luck and the least amount of stress possible for the move :)

    Hope you have a great birthday!!!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

  7. Happy Early bday meg!!! Awww, nick is such a good boyfriend:) I gush whenever i read your blogs.

  8. too bad I didn't get a chance to run into you while in Austin...oh wait I have every time you played here! GoodLuck on the move, may it be an easy one. Have a wonderful and blessed birthday tomorrow!

    Peace be with you always,
    Sempri Fi a 47 yr old fan in Austin!

  9. I have to confess. I hate moving. Once I moved 6 times in 2 years. I lost my attachment a little more to my material goods everytime I moved, especially to the heavy ones. I betcha that's how Buddha and Jesus learned to give up their earthly possessions, 'cause they moved too many freakin' times. You know, living out of boxes doesn't sound so bad at first until you realize that you can't find the box where you packed your clean underwear. All the best with the move!

    Happy Birthday, Meg!!! I hope your birthday wishes all come true. Enjoy a Jeni's salty caramel one more time! You know you want to.

  10. Happy early birthday! Hope it's a great one. My best friend's birthday was yesterday... April fools day. The best.

    I really like moving... I know that makes me sound crazy, but I like organizing things into boxes. I'm moving out in August. Nuts... I've never lived away from home.

    I used to love having long nails, then one day they started grossing me out... I dunno, they break too easily. And they get dirty easily. Yuck.

    Hope 27 is as much fun as 26.

  11. Can't believe you're leaving Austin! But I guess that just means a new chapter, a new adventure :)

    Happy Early Birthday Meg! Hope it's a good one.

  12. I feel as if we barely moved to Austin with you! Now you're moving... I remember all sorts of stories too. For instance, remember the time you were starting to get the idea of "First Thursdays" and the local community was not so accepting of you getting a spot on their selling grounds? How about the journey to find some great Thai food with the little boys asking their dad questions in front of the restaurant? Then there are things you don't want to remember or relive. For example, when you first moved in and the walls reeked of an ash tray >__<. That was gross and I felt bad for you guys!
    It's funny to me how you believe you have skipped your mid-twenties and jumped right to the 50's or 60's! Maybe that's why you're so nice, wise, and reflective about life. You are just an old soul. Good thing you're not an old cranky lady -- Yet ;) Haha

    Lastly, I'd like to say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MEG! Do not forget to make some time for yourself in spite of all the packing and cleaning!

    P.S. You could get yur nails did to avoid packing and cleaning. "Sorry, babe... I can't. Click,click, click." (^_^)

  13. Happy birthday and safe traveling to your new home, Meg!

    Long fingernails and touchscreen phones don't go together. It's harder to accurately select icons or links on Web pages, etc., and then you have to contort by using the side of a fingertip because the nails get in the way. Practicality wins over high maintenance, in my opinion. :)

  14. good luck on your moving! and happy birthday!!! thanks for mentioning brownies while im up late night reading...yikes im glad this bed is so warm or i'd go out and buy some right now!

  15. Happy birthday! Hope 27 is as exciting if not more than the 26!

  16. Happy happy happyyyyyy birthday! (runs around super fast in tiny circles) Happy happy happyyyyyy birthday!

  17. Happy birthday! If not long nails, make sure to get something to spoil yourself with :)

  18. Happy Birthday! Eats lots of cake ^.^

  19. ok, here too, Happy Birthday Meg - still love your writing, blogs and lyrics, and your music, writing and playing and singing, and your inspirations... thank you for being :)

  20. Hey on instagram check out @madislife they have some pretty cool pics of you guys