Monday, May 28, 2012

A Break From Touring With Dia Frampton And The Gang

Life is interesting. Twists and turns here and there. I can feel a stirring in my heart that tells me calmly and assuredly that it's time for me to move on. I've been growing creatively in a lot of  new directions. The support I have received for my jewelry line has given me confidence to explore new endeavors in writing, jewelry, and music with a fresh outlook.

All of the memories, the adventures, the lessons learned along the way are priceless. I'd like to thank Mike Kaminksy, our manager who has been there for support and wise words along the way. Thanks to my talented sister, Dia Frampton, my hard-working man, Nick Price. Thanks to Jonathan Snyder and Carlo Gimenez, my very BEST friends. 

Most of all, thank you to YOU guys, the fans, for your dedication, support, loyalty, and love. Thank you to the MAD boardies for building an incredible community and allowing us to be part of it.

This moment in time is only one ending, and the beginning for many other adventures!  Dia is going to continue to serenade you with haunting melodies. Though I don't know what shape music will take in the future for me, I DO know I will never give up my love for music. 

Please check up on the "Meg and Dia" Facebook page regularly. Dia and the gang will continue to announce upcoming tours and documenting their journeys. I'll be announcing brand new jewelry designs, original tunes, covers, and blogs.

Photo by Luca Venter

Please continue to support Dia and the band as I will with all my heart.

With honesty, resolve, and sincerity,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life is Short. You're Only Young Once. Blah, Blah, Blah…

I'm in between houses now. Having just left my beloved Austin, I'm staying with the folks for a spell, until I can situate my next living space somewhere up north perhaps. I've had a really fantastic time being home. The town my parents raised me in is the cutest, safest, most quaint little city you've ever laid your eyes upon. So much peace and quiet, the exact opposite of life on tour. 

Too much "peace", and "safe", and "quiet" isn't great for everyone though. I've noticed my dad catching my blank stares over my morning cheerios and my longing, droopy eyelids as I'm folding my laundry in the living room. I'm not really one to open up much about concerning issues I'm having with life, unless I'm talking to Nick. Poor Nick. He gets an earful every morning, evening, and afternoon. Fortunately, when we are apart, we communicate via text message, and my thumbs don't jabber on as much as my mouth. 

The other morning, I found myself stepping outside of my comfort zone and sharing a few of my thoughts, aware that my dad sat near me at a bar stool at the kitchen counter and would most likely respond to my musings.  I figured I'd just throw the old subconscious out there and see what happened. (Sometimes I'm quite the daring woman!)

"I just love it here. Staying with you guys has been great." I began. My dad looked up from the newspaper, concern spreading across his face. I could see the wheels turning in his head cautiously, deciding if this might be the morning that he should conveniently decide the kids needed to be dropped off at school, or the dog needed immediate attending to. He must have sensed a new tone in my voice. "I'm not quite sure what to do. The tour is over. I have a lot of free time. Still haven't found a place yet."  Any father always treads on thin ice when their twenty-something adult child begins the "I need to find myself." convo.

"I'm just not sure what I'm doing right now..." 

He probably had one of his fatherly concerned looks on his face, but I didn't take the moment to look over. I simply floated up to my jeweler's studio and continued on with the day.

I had all but forgotten about my strange admissions, but my father hadn't. He wasted no time in helping his daughter out of her quandaries.

The very next morning my parents took me to view a house down the street, a beautiful, charming, perfect little house. "Do you think there's even a one in a million chance you might want to live here?" squeaked my mother in excitement, looking up at me with her kind slanted eyes. "Well, yes, I mean, I can certainly do one in a million" I admitted, as I ran my fingers across the shiny marble countertops and along the mahogany sage green cupboards that still smelled of fresh paint.

Homeownership. Exhilarating. Exhilarating and lovely.

The very next morning, after dreaming about that perfect house, while staring groggy eyed into the mirror and foaming up my mouth with crest toothpaste, my dad's cheerful grin popped up from behind the bathroom door. "I have an idea." 

Did I mention my dad's an inventor. 

(This is not my father. This is a "mad scientist" dude I found on google.)

His past inventions include (drum roll please!): 
  • "The Movie Melt", a sticker placed on VHS videos with a chemical component which changes color when the tape reaches a temperature which will damage said video.
  • "The Super Soaker", a neon yellow squirt gun with a rubber tube inside you fill up with a household hose
  • "The Back Attacker", a full length body sponge with two handles used to cleanse oneself in the shower in all those "hard-to-reach" spots. Tagline: If you scrub my back, I'll scrub yours.
  • "The pomegranate deseeder", a plastic apparatus designed to deseed an entire pomegranate with a mere tap of a spoon in under 60 seconds! 

Hmm…I spit into the sink and rinse wondering if perhaps this time he had solved every mother's lament with potty-training their children with a plastic talking doll? But, no. He said, "Travel." I stared at him blankly and blinked. Travel. "Travel!" he repeated this time with more gusto, swooping up both of his arms creating an imaginary globe. "What other time in your life will you be able to do this? You're young. You're not tied down. Don't worry about the money! If I could go back and do it again, I would travel when I was YOUNG!" 

I couldn't help but feel butterflies in my stomach and a smile forming on my face as his contagious excitement lurched toward me. He blurted out foreign countries: Panama, South America, the Phillipenes. In my head I mentally corrected him: Paris, Barcelona, Rome. I forgot to wipe the water dripping down my chin at this point as I stepped back from the sink and began jumping up and down with him. 

Travel. What do you think? Yes, yes, I know. "But Meg" you point out, "All you do is travel!" Yes, that may be so, but have I ever traveled outside of the country extensively to the places I have alway wanted to visit with no agenda other than to explore and have great adventures?" The answer is no!

Has anyone ever been backpacking in Europe or been to any foreign countries? What are your life changing experiences?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Couple New Designs

I've unpacked all of my things from tour. I've rested, read, and sunbathed. So now, I'm ready to get back to my creations! Yay:)

The other day, before my hott date, I couldn't find any earrings to go with my "LBD" (little black dress, the girls know what I'm talking about, don't ya!) So, I made these and I called them very fittingly (in my humble opinion, anyway):

Egyptian Charcoal Earrings
My other design is a new robot. I read about Maurice Sendak's recent death while on our last tour, and I wanted to create a piece in his honor and inspired by him, because although he never had children of his own, his art and children's books have inspired so many kids, including myself when I was younger and still today... obviously! 

In my head, I had more of a black-and-white, bear color scheme. Once I started making Toby, the brown and green just came together. As any artist knows, you gotta just go with the flow! So, I'm quite proud of this little guy.


Both of these NEW pieces are available in my SHOP!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Custom Teacher-Bot Comes to Life

"Hi Meg,

Hope you are doing well. Are you starting to take custom orders? 

My sister graduates in May from UTSA. She is getting her degree in bilingual education. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to create a "teacher-esque" robot holding an apple. A design like the lonely hearts robot?

I don't have the creative genius like you do, so I was wondering if you could tell me ideas that you have. 

P.S. Me and my sister are fans of Meg & Dia, unfortunately I never had a chance to see you all live, but she has twice. She got an autograph for me on the album cover of "Here, Here, and Here".

Thank You,
Isaac Cervantes"

"Hi Isaac,

Yes I am starting to take custom orders again.

Yes, I could make a teacher bot. I think that's a super cute idea. I could put little glasses on her too!

Let me know if you have any other ideas.


"Sweet! Thank you:) Im gonna go ahead and do the order so let me know how and where to pay for it:)

I was also wondering if you could put UTSA 2012 on the back of the robot, and feel free to get creative with it because i don't know what else you can do and I trust your creative skills.

Also, how does this process work, this would be a first time for me putting in a custom order, so do you sketch it out for me to see it before you make it? also how long would it take to make and ship? 

Thank You so much!
Isaac "

"Yes, I'll sketch it out for you first and then email it to you. Then you can make any suggestions or changes. Then I'll get started. 

Usually it takes about a week for the whole process, from sketch to finish. 3-5 days for delivery.

Yes I can do the USA inscription on the back.

Do you have PayPal? If so, I usually take custom orders with PayPal. So you can send $79.00 to " megframpton" in the "note to seller section type " teacher custom"

Let me know if you have any other questions. 


"My sister wanted to say thank you and she loves her teacher bot alot! 

Thank you for everything. I'll be a long term customer:) 

I attached a picture of me and my sister, which we've been fans of Meg &Dia since the beginning 

Isaac "

Isaac and Valerie

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sex, Drugs, and Chick-Lit?

"Rob, give Meg a cigarette." "Yes, Rob, Give Meg a cigarette" I repeat like a robot. Of course, I don't smoke, but I do join the bands' "smoking circle". They stand outside the venues or gas stations we stop at along the road, sharing smokes and conversation. I want to bond with the boys! I want to feel included. Give me a cigarette, and I'll just hold it in my hand un-lit, soak in the afternoon sun, and talk about how tour is going.

 Did you ever see that episode of "Friends" where Rachael starts smoking at her new job so she can be more involved in the day-to-day? Same situation. My headaches before I sleep became much worse due to all the second hand smoke. Because I ran out of tylenol, I was forced to return to the old routine of standing about fourteen paces away from the smokers' circle while straining to hear the conversation, and then shouting my input toward their grey curly cues decorating the air.

After five hours in the van of my being the sole participator of games to play within the confines of a van bench (which I ingeniously invented myself): "corpse", "sleeping beauty", and "road kill", I decided I needed to find an alternate way to pass the time.  My solution: a chic-lit novel. I'm embarrassed to share the title with you…all right. It's called "A Summer Affair". Please don't laugh at me. The second-hand book store didn't have the first title I had my heart set on, "The 72nd Edition of Quantum Physics and Space Engineering", so I had to go with my second choice.

There is a  character in this juicy novel called Max West, who is supposed to be on par, celebrity status-wise, with say, a Justin Beiber character of today, except in his late thirties. She describes his crazy lifestyle of traveling all over the world in a jet plane, being booked every single day of the year several months in advance. He charges over six figures for each performance. He is in and out of rehab, drowning in drugs, women, and loneliness.

Well, where are my drugs and women and loneliness? I'm in a band. Did I miss the board meeting, therefore missing the chance to allocate said number of racey women and booze in our band's general direction?

We ended up with a band full of eco-friendly vegetarians who iron our suitcases full jeans and dresses each night. We leave every parking lot cleaner than we find it, and we leave little notes at houses that accommodate our crew, "Dear ______, thank you SO much for allowing us into your home for the night. The vegetarian chile you made us was simply exquisite, and we hope to someday rescue a tour dog just like your little Rufus! Sincerely, The Band!" And there are never women crawling all over the band backstage. There are just two: Dia and myself. In fact, we are all dedicated to our significant others in our treasured monogamous relationships.

You know, I'm kind of glad that there is an "in-between" world for a musician I can live and work in. Five star hotels every night and a baby puppy in every green room would be nice, don't get me wrong, but I like my life-style to be a little more low-key. That's just me! I'm living the dream, but in a very REAL way. I don't have to trade in my health and happiness for sex, and drugs, and loneliness. No thank you. I can perform for seven-thousand people, opening up for a band who receives regular radio air-play, and still come home and visit my family for Thanksgiving dinner and help my little sister with her math homework.


P.S. How do you even spell chick-lit?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CTR News!

We have one show left of "The Fray" Tour. The last show date will be held at "Red Rocks" in Denver, Colorado. I've never heard of this place before. Nick keeps talking about some DVD that The Dave Mathews taped at Red Rocks that was amazing, so I'm feeling quite excited about the last day nevertheless.

I'd like to give a big "Thank You!" to Isaac and The Fray for bringing us out.

Backstage with Isaac Slade, "The Fray's" lead singer, at Sunfest in West Palm, Florida

The last day of this tour is the 12th of May, but we do have one more date scheduled for the Sun God Festival on the 18th in San Diego. (The "Silversun Pickups will be performing as well. I must admit, for this reason, I am most excited to be trekking all the way to San Diego!)  On the 20th of May, I'll be returning home to my jeweler's studio which means the "BFF" necklaces will be returning around that time. A few of you have been emailing me about them, so I'm happy to tell you they will be back soon.

Also, I only had 20 of the Stupendous Chandler keychains available this last "First Thursday" which sold out during the pre-order. I know a lot of you didn't get a chance to order when they were supposed to be available on the First Thursday of this month, so I am planning on releasing some more of those probably sometime in the middle of next month. I have a question about the keychains, since it seemed like a lot of guys ordered them, (who aren't necessarily partial to the jewelry), do you guys prefer silver or copper for my next batch of Stupendous keychains?

In other CTR news, Nylon Magazine is now featuring CTR jewelry in their Nylon Shop. Woo hoo! Thanks to everyone at Nylon for adding Chandler to the Nylon family! (P.S. just so ya'll know, I haven't met anyone at Nylon in person, but via the internet they are all sweethearts!)

As always, I'm excited to be out here on the road with new adventures every day with the band, but I always ALWAYS miss working with my little robots!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

The World Is Your Oyster

I felt defeated yesterday in New Orleans, since we didn't arrive to our hotel room last night in time to watch Dia's performance on "The Voice".  Nick let me out of the van in front of the lobby entrance before he parked, handing me room keys in an olympic hand-off as I zoomed past him, suitcase in tow toward the elevators. I slammed the hotel door shut, surfed the channels at lightning speed until I found Carson Daly's familiar grin and heard that obnoxious over-the-top jingle, "This is THE VOICE! Dun, Dun, Dun, DUN!" The God's did not favor me on this fateful night. Twitter informed me, as I gloomily stared at Vikki's performance that I had missed her moment. 

To cheer me up I needed some beignets from Cafe Dumound stat! Jonathan, Nick, and I stumbled out into what seemed like a dirty, loud, circus. We found ourselves unprepared for the insanity of a city called New Orleans. We explored the city on a regular Tuesday night in May. I can't imagine what Burbon Street looks like during Mardi Gras. I imagine one wouldn't even be able to see two feet ahead of them due to the flashy colorful beads being thrown around like confetti.

I really enjoy seeking out the quaint mom and pop cafes offering their homemade healthy menus, but lately Yelp has led us astray. Maybe Vegetarian restaurants aren't the main focus of chefs in the deep south where Cajun Jumbalaya and a pound of seasoned crawfish reign supreme.  Maybe I should have followed Jonathan's "When in Rome" mantra, and consumed a boat full of oysters along with a tall bubbly glass of Nola Blonde to wash them down.  Nick bravely took a nibble of an oyster and immediately passed the remaining morsel of the exotic seafood back to Jonathan. While dabbing a napkin to his lips he soberly let Jonathan know that he could have his "salty booger" back.

Austin spoiled us silly. The first day we dined at East Side Cafe on the north end of town. While we stuffed our faces with cheese grits, vegetarian crepes, and summer squash, our local, long-time friend interrupted our meal to clink his water glass and announce that he felt inclined to share how "fortunate he was to spend time with such great friends." He had just spent the night at the emergency room with an IV stuck in his arm. The verdict? He coughed with too much might. He watches 4-5 free movies a week at The Alamo Drafthouse (my all time favorite theater). He refuses to see any "chick flicks" as part of those free movies, not for the normal reasons a dude avoids them, but because he dreams of finding his soulmate (which he deserves more than any person I know), and he doesn't like to be reminded of his not having crossed paths with her yet. So to conclude the meal, I clinked my glass and toasted to "finding true love."

I convinced Jonathan to attend Black Swan Yoga with me on 5th Street next to Whole Foods Headquarters. We had our asses handed to us during that very ADVANCED class, but that's the reason why I go. We ate yucca chip tuna at Uchi, fried avocado tacos at Torchy's Tacos, and I surprised myself by refraining from ordering a vanilla sprinkled cupcake from the Hey Cupcake trailer on South Congress. 

Today we are driving from New Orleans to Orlando where our tour with The Fray continues with a performance at The Hard Rock Cafe. Poor Rob. Watching the only "meat-eater" of our crew try to keep down a black bean, gluten-free burger pained me just as much as I am pained watching my little sisters at home, during an attack of the flu, attempt to swallow the nasty apple-cider vinegar tonic my parents pour down their throats. To be fair, I didn't enjoy the vegetarian options at this particular restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida either, and usually I love me a black bean burger. 

I have already read two books during our crazy-long drives. I've listened to multiple Dave Ramsey episodes, slept way too much, and I believe Nick, Jonathan, and I have covered every topic there is to talk about from philosophy to the music industry to the effects of smoking marijuana on dreams. 

Now, all we have left to do is stare at the drab scenery out of the van windows and listen to "Alabama Shakes". At Least We've got chocolate chip cookies waiting for us at the DoubleTree Inn in Orlando.


May's "First Thursday" Piece Released Today!

May's "First Thursday" Piece "Tiny Dancer" keychain is available today. I also had some "Stupendous Chandler" Keychains as well. Those sold out in the pre-order. That's never happened before! Since those went so quickly, I'll probably do a 2nd batch later on this year. In the mean time there are still a few "Tiny Dancer" keychains left!

To order visit my online shop:

We are performing in Orlando at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight. Wish us luck!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's "First Thursday" Pre-Order!

Do you remember your first road trip? 

Maybe you drove off with a few close friends, a bag of salty chips and granola bars for the road, and your favorite mixed tape. (Yes, my first road trip was back when mixed tapes still existed!)

Do you remember that exhilarated feeling of excitement as you rolled the windows down, stared of into the twilight and highway, and punched your best friend in the passenger seat for 
playing the same song over and over again?

I wore out my cd of Dashboard Confessional's "Swiss Army Romance" on my first road trip to Santa Barbara, California. Winding through the mountains, and breathing in my freedom, I realized I wasn't quite ready yet to run away so far, but then again, we are never quite ready… are we?

The memories and the people we share the memories with are the best parts of any adventure. Wouldn't you agree? 

I wanted to design two pieces to celebrate the brave adventurer on your journey! I wanted to create pieces that you could take with you, accompany you, keep you safe (or not so safe, but safe enough while still having a good time!)

So, without further ado I introduce to you "Stupendous Chandler Keychain" and "Tiny Dancer Keychain". (I couldn't decide on which piece to release, so I'm releasing them both.)

The pre-order is now available (official release date tomorrow, May 3rd). Only 20 of each style will be available. 

To order, please visit my online shop:

The Stupendous' hearts and eyes are laden with ebony cubic zirconia stones, the Tiny Dancer hearts and eyes are made from crystal cubic zirconia stones.