Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Couple New Designs

I've unpacked all of my things from tour. I've rested, read, and sunbathed. So now, I'm ready to get back to my creations! Yay:)

The other day, before my hott date, I couldn't find any earrings to go with my "LBD" (little black dress, the girls know what I'm talking about, don't ya!) So, I made these and I called them very fittingly (in my humble opinion, anyway):

Egyptian Charcoal Earrings
My other design is a new robot. I read about Maurice Sendak's recent death while on our last tour, and I wanted to create a piece in his honor and inspired by him, because although he never had children of his own, his art and children's books have inspired so many kids, including myself when I was younger and still today... obviously! 

In my head, I had more of a black-and-white, bear color scheme. Once I started making Toby, the brown and green just came together. As any artist knows, you gotta just go with the flow! So, I'm quite proud of this little guy.


Both of these NEW pieces are available in my SHOP!



  1. The earrings are elegant and Toby's adorable! I think it's so cool how you can just make your own jewelry when you can't find any to match an outfit :O
    Are there a limited number of Tobys? (I'm saving money now but would love to buy him in the future! ) His hat just kills me. So cute. And Sendak's books were a part of my childhood that I'm very fond of :)

    1. Hi Gina,

      It only recently dawned on me that I could make my own jewelry before I go out. Ha ha. One night, I was like, I don't have any jewelry to match. Wah! And then I thought, wait a minute, that's kind of what I make for a living...

      I love Sendak too. I swear if I ever got a tattoo, that's what I would get, unless I remember Pete Wentz getting one too. In that case I'm gonna pass:)

  2. Sendak rocks. Although inspired by Sendak, Toby's really unique and fun. I think Max and Toby would get along! Very nice.

    As a dude, I can't really speak intelligently about women's earrings, so please educate me if I am missing something. Wouldn't the charcoal part of the earrings fade into your awesome dark hair and be hard to see?
    The name of the earrings conjures images of Cleopatra to me. It's fun for me to see what comes from your ever creative mind.

    Domo arigato, Ms. Roboto.

    1. Tip #623 for Guys: When a girl goes out on a "hot" date with you wearing a LBD, she will likely do something special with her hair as well, like wear her hair up or swept back so as to not hide those specially selected awesome earrings.

      After several years of dating and marriage, a guy ought to notice these things and compliment her, unless he's a totally oblivious chowderhead--which I admit I still am on occasion. :)

    2. You are so right! Ha ha. Such insight.

  3. Toby is super cute! I remember growing up an a lot of Sendak... I liked 7 Little Monsters.

    I really love the earrings too. Black and copper's always a kickass combo. I wish I had something classy like that to go with my grad dress... it's black too! Maybe I'll con my mom into buying them for me... haha

  4. I have said it before on facebook and gonna say it again here, I NEED THESE EARRINGS *----------*