Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Custom Teacher-Bot Comes to Life

"Hi Meg,

Hope you are doing well. Are you starting to take custom orders? 

My sister graduates in May from UTSA. She is getting her degree in bilingual education. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to create a "teacher-esque" robot holding an apple. A design like the lonely hearts robot?

I don't have the creative genius like you do, so I was wondering if you could tell me ideas that you have. 

P.S. Me and my sister are fans of Meg & Dia, unfortunately I never had a chance to see you all live, but she has twice. She got an autograph for me on the album cover of "Here, Here, and Here".

Thank You,
Isaac Cervantes"

"Hi Isaac,

Yes I am starting to take custom orders again.

Yes, I could make a teacher bot. I think that's a super cute idea. I could put little glasses on her too!

Let me know if you have any other ideas.


"Sweet! Thank you:) Im gonna go ahead and do the order so let me know how and where to pay for it:)

I was also wondering if you could put UTSA 2012 on the back of the robot, and feel free to get creative with it because i don't know what else you can do and I trust your creative skills.

Also, how does this process work, this would be a first time for me putting in a custom order, so do you sketch it out for me to see it before you make it? also how long would it take to make and ship? 

Thank You so much!
Isaac "

"Yes, I'll sketch it out for you first and then email it to you. Then you can make any suggestions or changes. Then I'll get started. 

Usually it takes about a week for the whole process, from sketch to finish. 3-5 days for delivery.

Yes I can do the USA inscription on the back.

Do you have PayPal? If so, I usually take custom orders with PayPal. So you can send $79.00 to " megframpton" in the "note to seller section type " teacher custom"

Let me know if you have any other questions. 


"My sister wanted to say thank you and she loves her teacher bot alot! 

Thank you for everything. I'll be a long term customer:) 

I attached a picture of me and my sister, which we've been fans of Meg &Dia since the beginning 

Isaac "

Isaac and Valerie


  1. This is why so many people love you. Because no matter how big and famous you get, you always take time to treat every customer and dan as i they were your only. As long as you keep that up, who knows how many more people will fall in love wih your music and jewelry :)

    1. Well said Kalle - I couldn't agree more. Meg, you have such a big, kind heart. Never change :)

    2. Well, everyone I've "met" virtually either through this blog or through my website have been so awesome. I'm always learning things from everyone, and everyone is always looking out for ME, so it's really easy for me to interact with everyone. I enjoy it. I have the best job in the world!

    3. meg just rocks on and off stage (period)! \m/

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  3. LOL this is SO awesome! One week from sketch to finish, eh? That's amazing, you must have it down to a science. Have you thought about doing a Tebow Bot?

    1. Yeah, that's when I have a normal amount of custom requests. When the holidays roll around, it takes a little longer... Ha ha.

  4. Pretty sweet! I love the grad robot my dad got you to make. I was pretty surprised, I didn't think he would even know to ask you for a custom order.

    1. Yeah, your dad was really awesome and so thoughtful too! I really liked that grad piece I made you. Hope you enjoy it!

  5. what a coincidence. 16th May is teacher's day here in Malaysia. im not sure if its the same in other countries. anyway, cool teacher-bot!

  6. Haha awesome! I'm a math teacher, so I love that lil bot =]