Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's "First Thursday" Pre-Order!

Do you remember your first road trip? 

Maybe you drove off with a few close friends, a bag of salty chips and granola bars for the road, and your favorite mixed tape. (Yes, my first road trip was back when mixed tapes still existed!)

Do you remember that exhilarated feeling of excitement as you rolled the windows down, stared of into the twilight and highway, and punched your best friend in the passenger seat for 
playing the same song over and over again?

I wore out my cd of Dashboard Confessional's "Swiss Army Romance" on my first road trip to Santa Barbara, California. Winding through the mountains, and breathing in my freedom, I realized I wasn't quite ready yet to run away so far, but then again, we are never quite ready… are we?

The memories and the people we share the memories with are the best parts of any adventure. Wouldn't you agree? 

I wanted to design two pieces to celebrate the brave adventurer on your journey! I wanted to create pieces that you could take with you, accompany you, keep you safe (or not so safe, but safe enough while still having a good time!)

So, without further ado I introduce to you "Stupendous Chandler Keychain" and "Tiny Dancer Keychain". (I couldn't decide on which piece to release, so I'm releasing them both.)

The pre-order is now available (official release date tomorrow, May 3rd). Only 20 of each style will be available. 

To order, please visit my online shop: http://chandler-the-robot.goodsie.com/

The Stupendous' hearts and eyes are laden with ebony cubic zirconia stones, the Tiny Dancer hearts and eyes are made from crystal cubic zirconia stones.



  1. i'm really glad you made key chains this month! really love the stupendous key chains. I actually wanted to pre-order 2, but i forgot to change it from 1 to 2. is that something you're able to change? or should i create a new pre-order order?

  2. I'm guessing the song "Santa Barbara" was written about your first road trip?
    I love both keychains :)

    1. Thats what I was wondering this morning when I read the subscription email!

  3. Finding a way to pay for one of these is going to be interesting.

  4. I'm sad the Stupendous Key chain is already sold out :(

    1. I know! They sold out even before the official release date. There were only twenty made this time around.

    2. well, know if you make more at some point...you will for sure have buyers! :) Love the new ideas you are coming up with!!