Monday, June 25, 2012

Altitude Design Summit

O.K. So most of my posts are about jewelry and music, but I thought I'd share this bit of information with you guys, since I've been getting a few questions about how I started my blog, and about the photos I take, and yadda yadda.

Now, I'm no master. I'll state that right now. One of my favorite things about making jewelry and having a blog is how I'm continually learning about all aspects of being a blogger/designer.

I already told you guys about my mentor Christi Friesen when it comes to making jewelry out of polymer clay. Now, I'd like to share a website that I used quite often to take online classes from when I was touring and on the road to continue my learning process.

They have a whole new lineup for July. You can visit their website HERE, if any of you creative nerdy types are interested in doing some online learning of your own during the month of July. Hope you can find something you are interested in, and may we always strive to learn something new!

These are the classes that I'm looking forward to taking:

"Photoshop For Bloggers"

"A drab, disappointing photo can overshadow all the great written content on your blog. Could your photography skills use a little help after the fact? Are you at a loss when you see the letters RGB, DPI, and CMYK? Why don’t your photos look as good online as they do on your computer? In this class, Photoshop expert Mike Loveland from Nicole’s Classes covers the basics of web images, including choosing the right resolution and improving the overall appearance of your photos."

"Blogging is more than just photos and ideas, it’s about pretty layouts and typography. Basic graphic design elements will be taught with a visual blogger’s needs in mind to help you create the prettiest styled layouts, style boards and collages you can minus the graphic design degree."

#thanksbing for making helping to make these online classes available for all of us to enjoy!



  1. Thank you! It's only my irrelevant opinion, but what you do here is internet done right. Well articulated and appropriately informative (and particular thanks for aiding in the education of your readers, myself included, both in this post, prior mentioned reading, intelligent music, etc.; it's better than what I do in that attempt). Although my writing adds nothing, I did simply want to say: Thank you for running up hill (rather than a race to the bottom). And nice mug too.

  2. Wow! Thank you. It feels so good to hear this from a one humble reader to one humble blogger. I really appreciate it:)

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