Friday, June 1, 2012

Take flight this month with June's NEW "First Thursday" design!

His cozy scarf swaying in the wind, protective eyewear, and pilot's helmet equip him with the tools to take on any robotic feat! With Aviator Chandler and his big heart to help you along the way, anything is possible!

Only 100 available of this "LIMITED edition" piece!

-includes a unique numbered and signed "Certificate of Authenticity"
-19" adjustable chain w/ lobster clasp
-Robot height 2"
-material: alloy metal with silver coating

To order click HERE!


  1. He looks identical to your drawing. Perfect!

    I saw a "funny" skit on a TV show called "Portlandia" last week (first show I saw of it). It reminded me of you for a few reasons. Luckily, I found it on YouTube so you can decide whether you find it "funny" or not. Since you don't typically watch TV, you may not have seen it.
    Apparently the show had a musical "tour" too, that featured the song...
    Hopefully, you will get a laugh.

    1. I know which one you were talking about. I laughed SO hard! The part where the guy is like, "What I have to go to the post office cuz an order is missing?! What time is it?" HA hhaa. That killed me.

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