Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Instagram Photos

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! It was great to get outside. I didn't end up writing any songs on our camping trip, I did however skip a rock 6 times and learned what kind of leaves the pioneers used for toilet paper. And yes, we did try to cook beans on my car engine... FYI that doesn't work. ha ha.



  1. i actually know what leaves you're talking about! i've never attempted to use them for their intended function however....they look comfortable though!

  2. All 4 of you look the same. Haha great pictures

  3. I am getting a good laugh out of the beans but wondering if it would on my car. My car is a piece of shit and I swear I could aha. Awesome photos - looks lovely!

  4. I'm glad you have gotten to spend some quality time with Jade lately! She seems to be really busy with all the tennis lessons and finishing up her project with Jordan.

    Utah is gorgeous! I really hope to go there someday.

  5. +1 for heating your food that way :)

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend Meg :). Make's me miss camping :(

  7. What song were u playiing in that pic?

    1. Also random but what are the chords for bandits. I wud luv to learn that song

  8. I just went camping with a bunch of my friends. Not gonna lie, I kind of hate camping but we still had a blast. I missed all the buildings though.
    I'm afraid of running into bears!

  9. So I just wanted to say,

    From initially finding you on youtube (the cave cover)to then liking your facebook to finding this.

    Come to the UK, and... you're pretty.