Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CTR News and Updates

I feel like now is a good time for me to let you guys know what has been going on around here. So much is happening. I'm sure everyone is busy preparing for the new season which brings school, new careers, new apartments, etc... Exciting for us, isn't it?

There has been some confusion about which site I'm going to use for my store (Goodsie or my NEW Shopify store) and which site I'm going to use to blog (this blog or the blog on my shopify website).

So, I'd like to clear up where my "spaces" are on the web right now. Firstly, let me apologize, I know I've confused a lot of people. Truth is, I've been toying with the idea for different store options and blog options didn't know what would be best.

This is what I've decided for the time being:

This blog you are reading now will continue to be where I blog. So please visit this page for new blogs and regular updates.

My online store will be my NEW website which you can visit HERE. I'll still keep the goodsie store open for a few more weeks, just in case, while I'm making the transition, since many of you might still visit that site to order. is the web address for my new store.

If there are any other questions, please ask in the comments below.

In other news, I just moved into a new apartment in Salt Lake City. I'm finally settled in. I found the nearest grocery store, redbox, and post office. I'm good to go. Ha ha. Kind of love it here. The fall is just around the corner and there are crazy events that go on every day just outside my house.

I'm also preparing for my first Trade Show in New York City, The International Gift Fair. I will be exhibiting and showing all of my Chandler pieces at the show. Nick is going to be with me. He's such a good boyfriend:) Also, if you aren't aren't connected to me on Instagram please follow. I will be posting lots of photos of Nick and I exploring NYC as well as Trade Show pics. ( I am "megframpton" on instagram.)

Also, I just released my newest edition to my CTR shop: Shifty The Soldier Bot. I've already received many inquiries to make a Marine and an Air Force bot as well. I'm currently working on some designs for those ideas.

Phew, busy, awesome month so far. What's been keeping you guys busy at the moment?



  1. Sounds good Meg! Thanks for always keeping us updated :)) but I do like the other blog site better because it's easier to leave comments. And as far as what's been keeping me busy? Well a 6 month old that is teething :/. His top teeth are hopefully gonna pop through anyday now, fingers crossed. "not my child by the way" Im just the nanny. :) martial arts is also keeping me busy, teaching and taking class. But I love being a nanny and martial arts :))

    1. Oh, really?! Dang, I wish I would have known it was easier to write comments there. Maybe I'm going to have to reconsider...again! Ha ha.

      A six month old that is teething?! good luck:)

    2. Ya he already has his 2 bottom teeth he got them at 3 months old. Crazy! But now his top teeth are coming in. And to top it off he got his 6 month old shots today :( poor little dude. But he's a trooper :)) ya on this blog u have to sign in if ur not signed in already, then u write ur comment, then u have to type n the code to prove ur not a "robot" ha ha, then u click publish. and the other one u just put ur name and email and comment.

  2. Good luck with everything, Meg! You sound really busy, but in a good way :)
    I'm busy nannying, writing, doing random diy projects, and getting ready to go back to college. I am super busy, but I would rather be busy than bored :)

  3. You sound really busy Meg. Thanks for letting us come along on your journey!
    I've been helping my mom teach her Flamenco and Folklorico dance class. I'm also going to help her take care of my grandma (she had 2 strokes in one week! The doctors say she shouldn't even be walking or speaking but she is up and moving like a regular person!) In September I'll be starting my freshman year 0_0

  4. that's so cool that you're doing the show in nyc! good luck, but i bet chandler will be a big hit :) i'm going to be moving there on saturday for college at f.i.t., so maybe i'll see you around (or not cause's a pretty big place haha) but if you're open to meeting up with people lemme know :)

    also i love the new website! it's very cute and professional looking at the same time. the new pieces are great as well.

  5. time warp?... seems my feed lead me to a blog post you may have deleted (yet the first five lines still show up in my feed?... what strange interwebs we weave)... so i place these words here for lack of another place in this blog since it was this blog that called out to me (somewhere in the night)... missing your words and music happens even when there is no mysterious blog feed reminder... if it helps, i am probably not the only one who wishes you the motivation to clean up your web spaces... i know, i ought to remember to visit chandler more often... it is good to see recent words there... even when i am not here i think of you and still, i car... i hope all is well in your life and we share a cup of tea or something somewhere down the road...

  6. oh yeah, and tell Dia Happy Birthday too :)