Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing August's "First Thursday": "The Artist Bot"!

This month I would like to challenge everyone (including myself!) to unleash your inner creativity, even if you don't think you are "creative". How many times have we all tried to write that book, finish that song, start up our own youtube channel to share our unique ideas but always put it off? 

Maybe we are overwhelmed by our jobs. Maybe we just can't find the time. Perhaps we simply are scared that we might fail or be criticized? 

Please allow me to be that pesty person who gives you a little nudge. I say DO IT, whatever it is! Finish it. 

To Order "Artist Bot" visit my ONLINE SHOP!

I designed this Artist Bot to inspire and encourage you on your creative journey. He will help you out of writer's block. He will be the reminder that there are other's who do believe in you, and that even if you fail, that failure is just another step closer to helping you achieve your master life plan. 

To the courageous artists of the world who have inspired us all! I tip my hat to you and release "The Artist Bot" as a small token of my awe and appreciation for the ingenuity and creativity that is waiting to be found and set free in all of us.

Bot is approximately 1 1/2" 
Includes a 29" adjustable antique silver chain with lobster clasps
Robot is made from alloy metal with a silver coating.
Price: $50.00
*Only 50 Painter Bots in existence as part of this SPECIAL "Limited Edition" design
*Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery beginning on the official release date (Aug 2nd.)



  1. Challenge accepted Meg! I've actually been thinking lately that I need to spend more time with my creative side because all these emotions need to be released somehow..haha. It seems like I just keep putting it off and making excuses so now I have about 7 or 8 unfinished songs. But hopefully when my artist bot arrives, he will keep me inspired and motivated!

    Thanks for the challenge and the extra push, plus I look forward to seeing you unleash more of your inner creativity, perhaps with new songs? :D