Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

Thank you for all of your fantastic ideas you guys posted on twitter, fb, and my blog for a song title for my new song from "The Khaki Scouts" which will now be called:

"Keep Calm and Carry On" 

Thanks to @Judith Generoso. @Judith Generoso, you win any Chandler you'd like! (Please email me @ chandlertherobot@gmail.com to claim your piece:)

When I first read Judith's title, I simply liked the way it sounded.  Thanks to wikipedia I learned that this is where it originated from and what it meant:

"Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the Government of the United Kingdom in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion."

Although, I don't love associating the song with an event as turbulent as a "war". I do love the fact that this saying was supposed to help everyone keep themselves together in the event of an "invasion". I kind of feel like some things invade my life sometimes, and it's important to stay focused and thankful. So, although this phrase doesn't literally encapsulate the lyrics of the song, it goes quite nicely with the sentiment I was trying to portray, and well...I just love it. 

Intensity 0890 on youtube asked:
"Can you give a small description on how this song came to you? Inspiration? Experience? Doesn't have to be detailed."

I can't dive really deep into this question because I'm about to move to Salt Lake City today (literally, I'm hopping in my full car to drive up there right after I write this blog!)

Basically, I wrote this song about how I feel about how I used to be a little more "wild" and "crazy" in my younger years. I toured a lot, moved around a lot. I was always meeting new people. Although life is a beautiful, new and crazy adventure at the moment, life now is exciting in a much more somber way. I guess this song is kind of about missing youth. And I know I'm still young, so it's about missing YOUTH, youth. You know, probably college days for many of you or maybe even high school. 

It's about, even though we are growing older, it's important to never stop saying "yes" to opportunities that might scare you (granted they are safe!) and to never stop exploring yourself and the world around you, even if you've piled on a mortgage, a car payment, and all those other adult responsibilities. It's still more important than ever to HAVE FUN!



  1. That's beautiful Meg. I love what the songs about, totally true. You are such a amazing writer. I love the new song :) I listen to it on repeat when I play basketball and hit almost every basket, ur voice helps me focus :)

  2. Meg, this is why I admire you. You connect so successfully with simply your intentions, thoughts-- your heart.

    Be safe. Let's have tea sometime.

  3. Great pick! "Keep Calm and Carry On" is good advice to live by :)

  4. fantastic!!

    also, good luck with your move


  5. Meg you ROCK! Safe travels to SLC!! :)

  6. This strikes such a strong chord in me... I know this is a little bit of a late reply (almost 2 months, hah!) but the idea of youth going away and growing up is scaring me to death. I'm one of those people who has always been afraid to just PLUNGE and DIVE INTO all the experiences I wish I could involve myself in... I never feel quite happy with where I am as I'm busying myself with school and other things. In the end I wish I could be doing something else, but it's as if the world is wanting me to grow up first... Although I'm only 19, I want to embrace my youth. Not keep it stuck in books.

    Thank you for this message though. Although you're helping me--just one troubled girl trying to get through this time--this speaks such great volumes. Rock on.