Monday, December 2, 2013

Blowing Off The Dust

Phhhhheheeeewwww. That was just me, blowing off the dust. Just like I take a damp paper cloth to clean in between and behind those hard to reach places in my little, old house, I have to do the same with sites of mine around the interweb. is looking a little sad lately. I apologize for our lack of upkeep. I saw too many "Buy Viagra NOW!" comments to count. I'll have to wait until I have the stomach to face the spam before I clean it all up. You know how your accountant always tells you to pop open a bottle of wine, grab your calculator, and get down to business when it comes to tax time? (Well, that's what my accountant says anyway.) That's what I'm gonna have to do with the comment section on that site. Find a good bottle of wine, clear away the loose papers on my kitchen counters, and get to work. Viagra. Delete. Viagra. Delete. Viagra. Delete.

So, why am I here on this blog, you ask? Well, because I accidentally discovered that this is where all of you guys are! I had no idea that all the while I have been facebooking, tweeting, and blogging over on my jewelry site, you guys have been here, reading through my past posts and reminiscing like a cute grandma going through an old photo album of her young family from the past. Where is everyone coming from? And why are you all here haunting my old blog?! Ha ha. I'm kidding. I love it. I just wish I would have known all this time.

Hell, I even started a Tumblr account, trying to figure out all the subtle Tumblr nuances. I don't think I posted nearly enough photos or memes of cats… So, I'm actually glad to be back here where I feel comfortable, where I can spill words, and I know people will read them. Why you guys want to read them here, I'm still not sure. Maybe stats are being skewed by the Viagra spam bots on this site too, and I'm wasting my time. Oh, well. Too late. I've let the wrecking ball go, and now, I've cleaned up the pieces, and I'm ready to start anew. Yuck! Every time I hear the word "wrecking ball" I think of Miley Cyrus now. Thanks Miley. (I will still be posting these same blogs I post here on Tumblr and the blog on my jewelry site, so wherever you want to read them is your choice!)

In a way, it's kind of fitting that now is the time I'm starting to write here again. After all, this blog is called "Girl On The Road". Even though, I haven't been on the road this whole past year, I think I'm about to fly away again.

This year I've been a homebody. In fact, I rarely leave my house unless I'm shipping out Chandler orders, going to brunch, or sweating in a yoga class. Other than that, I've gotten really good at normal things: cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the brown, crunchy leaves off the front porch, and cooking. I never thought I'd see the day that I got good at cooking! I've even invested in a cast-iron pot, and I'm about to buy myself a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas, and those things AREN'T CHEAP people!

Before I went and got myself too cozy in my new domesticity, I received a call from Dia. You always hear about those mysterious calls that people get in the music business. I recently returned from a conference that focused on female artists and musicians. I met the guitarist for Michael Jackson, Jennifer Batten. She said, during her speech, that she got a call one day while she was working as a security guard at a hotel from Michael Jackson's manager. She showed up at a dingy rehearsal studio to try out for Michael Jackson, and then she was in the band. Poof! I thought to myself, "Where is this mysterious caller? How do I get the call? Call me, call me! My bags are packed." Timing and luck? Me thinks it's more like patience and hard work.

Well, Dia is about as close to Michael Jackson as I'm gonna get these days, and I'm for sure not complaining! Our call went something like this:

"Hi Dia, what's up?"
"Do you remember James Blunt?"
"The beautiful guy?"
"Well, he is kind of hott, I guess…"
"No, the BEAUTIFUL guy. You know. You're beeeauuutifull…"
"Yeah, I'm pretty good looking too."
"Do you want to go on tour with me and open for him in China or not? Think we might go to the Philippines too maybe."
"I don't know. Is Carlo coming?"
"And he's gonna play all the hard parts right, and do all the early-morning promo stuff?"
"Let me think about it."


"Have you seen that new Seth Rogan movie?"
"Not sure, which one?"
"You know, the funny one? It's in theaters now. We should go."
"No, I haven't. Yeah, we should."
"O.k. bye. Oh, and let me know soon, cuz I'll need your passport."
"O.k. let me sleep on it. Bye."

After I hung up, I went into my kitchen where Nick was making a grilled cheese sandwich, and I told him I was going to China.

Two minutes after I hung up the phone I texted Dia: "Yes". Then I followed that response with a dozen nonsensical emoticons that didn't have anything to do with each other because Dia always tells me that my text messages sound like they "don't have any emotion and I'm monotone."

So yeah, I'm going on tour. I'm back on the road. I'm gonna be a girl on the road again.

These are the confirmed dates with Mr. Blunt:

Jan 4 – Beijing
Jan 5 – Chengdu
Jan 7 – Shenzhen
Jan 12 – Hong Kong
I'll be documenting the entire tour come January in my "Tour Diaries Series", every single day… Unless I don't have internet. Or unless I'm too tired or jet lagged. Or unless I haven't had enough sleep because I was drinking too much with Carlo in the hotel room. Or unless Dia makes me eat too many sweet things that I can't pronounce the names of. Or unless I'm flying from a news station to another radio station to help my sister spread her message. Or unless…



  1. I have been waiting for you two come to HONG KONG for so LONG. May I ask if I will be able to take pic with you two or see you two after the concert?! I am so excited!

  2. Of course!!! We are so pumped. See you in a month!

    1. Oh yeah! I was in Hawaii and L.A this summer and I missed the chances to meet you two in both places. I knew there was a small concert that was held on 2nd Sep in L.A, it was a few day after I left. I was so upset because I really admire you two and hope to see you two in person. That's why I am so excited right now and really look forward to that concert! So..PLEASE give me that chance :D I can't wait. I definitely will stay behind and I hope I will know where to meet you because that arena is quite big actually.>< THANK YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I cant tell how happy I am right now! see you soon! <3

  3. Meg Frampton's Back in the game, y'all! Today is a great day :) Can't wait to read all about it!!

  4. I hope that one day you guys come to Canada again it would be my dream aha! But this is so exciting, congrats on the success. :)

    1. I second this! It is my dream to see you guys live!!!

  5. Oh geez, you girls. That phone convo had me laughing out loud at work! Looking like a crazy person. Thanks . . . xP

    I wish Meg & Dia (the band) toured again. I was so sad when I found out that you guys cancelled the last show I bought tickets for way back when, and never toured again. No more MaD meet ups and pre/after show hang outs. Sad, but also happy for all of things all of you guys have gone on to do.

    Safe travels to everyone and have a blast out there! :)

  6. So awesome!!! Have fun, back on the road!!

    P.S. I hear it's illegal to shed tears on stage there, so.......

  7. You, Dia, and Carlo in the Philippines! I'm not missing it definitely!! I've been a fan since 2004 and I can't wait to hear you guys play songs live! Looking forward to the tour diaries. See you soon! :)

  8. Here's How I Know you are Meant to be a Musician: You never, EVER, get so excited to talk or blog about anything else! The excitement and giddiness are palpable from your written word! I have noticed this in the past, as well… there seems to be a pattern:)

    Congratulations on this GREAT news! I only wish to have seen you guys performing over there. I guess we can all look forward to reading about it, though!

    Safe Travels!

  9. Yay Meg is performing again! Now, what are the chances that you'll make this not just an overseas thing? We'd love to see you in upstate NY again. ^_^

  10. Yeay!im so excited for both of you to come over here in the Philippines!see you:)) God bless on your tour! And Meg enjoy the road again:)))

    P.S please bring chandlertherobot:D

  11. Finally this entry appears here instead of just in my news feed and i guess it just needed and deserved an extended drum roll of anticipation cuz it is great news... ... and i echo the hope that you decide to put together another tour back home as meg & dia too... and (with even more excitement) maybe you will be sitting around one day or night between gigs and feel the bug to write some new songs together... maybe you can find an old white van to drive around in just to inspire that old magic :)

    It is getting cooler in Florida again ya know? ;)