Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Minute Thoughts Before Takeoff

We are having one last rehearsal tomorrow. I feel comfortable with all of Dia's material for the most part. She did spring one song on us last minute. I think she knows how I feel about last minute songs, because her email started out with "Please learn, but we aren't playing this in China, so don't worry…" She wrote the "don't worry" part of the email for me.  She knows I appreciate a full set list pre tour and no surprises, but this time I felt familiar enough with the set that a new song didn't derail me. 

I've spent the past few days trying to figure out how to stuff all my belongings into a small carryon bag. I used to bring a gigantic suitcase with me on tours. (I could literally fit inside it, it was so big!) Why do winter clothes have to be so bulky? I'm already regretting buying that gigantic, puffy coat I mentioned in my newsletter.  Well, at least my other items will have a ton of padding, sheesh. 

I had a difficult time choosing between a laptop and an iPad to bring with me. I bought the iPad so I wouldn't have to bring my laptop while traveling, however, I now bring both. My large purse is extra heavy, but I reasoned with myself that the laptop is necessary because I plan on blogging regularly and still running Chandler The Robot while I'm gone. I hope that I won't regret this decision.

Also, I'm bringing enough food and snacks to last me and the gang roughly twelve hours of flight time, as well as a few additional hours of layover time in San Francisco. Nick has this nifty, double-tiered metal tin I'm stealing for the trip. I'm making homemade granola, homemade hummus, and banana peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I hate airport food and how groggy it makes me feel before tours even begin. Losing my voice on tour because of sickness is not an option when other people are depending on me. McDonalds and Cinnabon at the airport would shut down my immune system quicker than a man running from mention of the word "love" on a first date.

This is the granola I'm making. Doesn't it look delicious? You can find the recipe HERE if you feel so inclined. 

I've downloaded a few movies to keep me entertained on the flight: Don Jon, Frances Ha,  and The Way Way Back. Independent films are my favorite. As I searched through titles and trailers that caught my eye, Nick kept giving me the puppy dog face, which meant, "But I want to watch that with you." So, I had to save the really good movies for when I get back in a month. 

Also, I'm hoping to get a good start on a novel I've been working on, and I'm also planning on working on some new Chandler designs during the flight. Trying to sleep during the flight is out of the question, but I'm bringing my neck pillow with me, if only to mock me for not being able to enjoy an ounce of shut eye. 

I need to find some good books before I leave… So far William Strunk Jr.'s "The Elements of Style" is tucked into my bag along with my passport and some cash. I'm hoping to improve my writing this year, and this includes grammar. Did I just detect a snore from you? 

Over the past couple of nights I've been having crazy dreams about forgetting parts of songs or not being able to determine the proper key we are playing in. Also, I've been developing a small fear of flying. Something about being thousands of miles above the earth or water with nowhere to go freaks me out. Pre-tour jitters. I'm sure that's all it is.

I suppose I should be focusing on New Years resolutions before I take off. Last year I made several ambitious goals such as limiting my sugar intake and increasing time spent at the gym. As you can see by my choice of flight snacks, the first resolution didn't hold, and I'm gonna have to admit the rest of them didn't either.

Because of my previous lack of commitment to my resolutions, this year, I've decided on one:


One day left before we take flight… I feel ready, but I guess I'll find out if I am soon enough. 

Honestly, Meg


  1. Meg, you're a winner. Enjoy the crowning jewel of the aviation world before you blast off to the Far East!

    -SF Bay Arean

  2. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
    Illusions by Richard Bach
    maybe too late to pick them up, but my recommendations for you on a long flight... hope all goes well and there are much more happy excited moments than nervous challenging ones :)

  3. I LOVE Stephen King's On Writing. My favorite book of the year by far! My little sister got it for me for Christmas. So glad that you have read it. I haven't read Illusions. Did he write that book about the seagulls?

    1. Been offline - hope your flight went well and your tour starts off wonderfully...

      Yes, Richard Bach wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

      Illusions is even more brilliant for me, but then, we each see what we see and that is what makes us you and me :)

  4. Ah, time passes and yet, here in these boxes, moments can seem to stand still... Yes, Bach wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Illusions is a book you can read a dozen times at different times and find something just right for the moment in life you are reading...

    I hope your tour is going well :)

  5. The concert in Hong Kong is held tomorrow, I cant wait to see you both! so excited right! Please let me know where can I meet you two and have a pic after concert if possible ! xxxx