Friday, March 28, 2014

"Up" Necklace Pre-order

Imagine dozing off to sleep after a long day in class. Suddenly, you are jolted awake by a loud crash! Your entire house starts shaking.You watch your favorite eggshell-blue, table lamp smash to pieces. Is this an earthquake? You don't own any sturdy tables to duck under, since your furniture was all bought on sale at IKEA.
You tumble off the couch and run to grab the handle of your front door and shove it open. A burst of fresh air blows into your nostrils. 
With wide eyes, you peer down below. The apartments and homes look like tiny lego pieces. In front of you, only miles of blue sky. You look up and are completely dumbfounded as you make out hundreds of mint-green, gold, and white balloons bobbing up and down, their strings securely anchored to the top of your house. 
After the magnitude of the situation sets in, you collect your thoughts and start to become concerned about survival. How much ramen and Mountain Dew do you have left?
Then, a funny thing happens. You realize that an army of balloons don't attach themselves to your house and fly you away just any old day. You start to worry less and less about...well, worrying! You've been waiting for an unexpected adventure, an opportunity to seize the moment.

Maybe your lack of concern is being caused by the altitude and lack of oxygen up here, or maybe you are thinking straight for the first time in your life! You feel freedom, peace, and tranquility. You're going on an adventure!

Would you like a miniature, wearable, handmade-sculpture, that will remind you to seize the moment and live your life like one crazy adventure? 
I would like to introduce you to my "Adventure Is Out There" necklace. I created this necklace to inspire artists and creatives on their journey. You will be able to look down at the pendant, and imagine yourself tucked away in the tiny, black house with a dusted gold roof, flying off on your adventure! 
To order, click HERE. Use coupon code: "timetofly"
to receive 20% off!
For the next 24 hours, 80 "Adventure Is Out There" necklaces will be available for pre-order. Please keep in mind the discount code will only work today. The official release date of "Adventure Is Out There" will be April 3rd. 
  • Sculpture height: 3"
  • Chain length:  27"
  • Materials: antique copper and polymer clay.
  • Price: $100 ($80 with discount code)
  • Delivery time: 3-4 weeks. (If you are ordering from outside the U.S., please allow an additional 2 weeks for arrival.)
  • includes autographed CTR postcard with the unique number of your design. 
P.S. This is the second piece I have designed inspired by the movie "Up". I love Pixar and everything that they release. Nothing makes me more excited to work on new art more than great stories about adventure and love. My hope is that my "Adventure Is Out There" necklace can help inspire you in the same way! 

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  1. Oh Meg... Why do you do such adorable things? :)
    You're so talented... I envy you!