Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fight The Good Fight

Introducing my newest design of the CTR collection: "Fight The Good Fight" necklace.

Making music has always been a deeply personal experience for me. The first time I wrote a song I locked myself up in my room, opened up to a blank page in my journal, and poured my heart out. I whispered the melody so nobody could hear me through the closed door. I locked my journal with one of those cheap, flimsy, metal keys and hid the pages in the bottom of my underwear drawer.

I know now that music isn't about me, alone, locking myself away, and trying to hide my art. Other musicians are invaluable in helping to bring my music to life. And my greatest enjoyment lately has been helping other artists bring their music to life.

As I get older, I am realizing that music and life are so much bigger than me and my ego. I'm learning how to trust other people, to hand over the reigns, to write music sometimes not even for the music's sake, but because if I sing vocals for people, then I get to be with these people. And I love spending time with these people. When music is used as a means to bring people together, to experience something as a group of friends, I think it is a beautiful thing.

Now that I think back on it, I would rename my old band's major label debut, "Here, Here, Here, and Here" instead of "Here, Here, and Here". (Warner Brothers would have had a heyday with that album title! Ha!)

"Here, Here, and Here" meant "Heart and Mind and Ears" to the members of Meg and Dia and our audience, but I think we missed something. The symbols are obvious: heart for loving and caring, the mind for thinking and pondering, the ears for listening and being in tune with music and art, 

but we forgot about the soul. 

We need to acknowledge soul, because we need it to connect with ourselves to be open enough to connect with other people around us and the world at large.

I know that this task isn't always easy. You have to be brave and vulnerable. You are setting yourself up to be judged, to be seen, to be heard, perhaps to be told that there is a better way, and that takes courage. 

I made my latest creation, "Fight The Good Fight" necklace, because I believe that it is SO important to be brave and seek out other people, other artists, other people to share your work with.

Put yourself out there, scary as it is. You can't do this alone. And you'll find out, after you get over the initial scary part, that you won't ever want to.

Honestly, Meg


  1. Wow! I'm so glad to know you're starting to open your heart and being true to your self by sharing your soul to the world! Yes, I said soul cuz I believe the art is the expression of your soul, of your true identity. When we express our selves in a artistic way, we show to others a different person, someone that they don't know. Keep fighting and... OMG HOW I WISH I HAVE MONEY FOR THAT NECKLACE!

  2. Will you be making any more of "Fight The Good Fight" neckalces?