Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two Great Musical Insights By Seth Godin

“laboratory” vs the “factory” mentality:
In the laboratory:
  • we are dreamers
  • we don’t know how things will turn out
  • we don’t know or care if we can “sell” what we are making
  • we may not even know what we will find
  • we allow time to search
The lab is all about discovery and exploration.
In the factory:
  • we are “task masters”
  • we do what works, over and over so that
  • we can sell more
  • we tighten up the speed, efficiency and costs involved with producing our stuff
  • we don’t waste time “searching” for a different way

The factory is about predictability and production.” ~ Seth Godin

And this one...

How to write a song:
You can have the best mics, preamps and converters.
You can have Logic Pro.
You can have all the plug ins.
You can have the samples.
You can have the look.
You can have the groove.
You can have the online presence.
You can have 100 bazillion youtube hits.
You can have the lyrics.
You can have the dance moves.
You can have the sex appeal.
You can have the “gigs” in the hip spots.
You can have the intellectual explanation.
You can have the university teaching position.
You can have the “chops.”
You can have the harmonic know-how.

All of that is fine and good and adds tremendously to a musical experience.
I’m not dissing any of that.  It’s all very good and excellent stuff!!!
However in the end, after all of that….
Sing me the melody.” ~ Seth Godin

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  1. Exactly. Get lost in the creativity... then sing me the melody :)