Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Launch Party Day!

Happy Launch Party day!

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Since I started Chandler The Robot three years ago, I never had a plan for how I would release new jewelry. I would have a new idea, I'd create it, then I'd put it up on my website.

As a newbie musician, I would go through a similar process, creating single songs, performing them, and recording them as single tracks, releasing them willy nilly. (Yes, I just said "willy nilly".) 

After some time, both as a musician and as a jewelry designer, I started to learn and feel the ebb and flow of creative waves. I realized that I wanted to release jewelry just like I used to release music: I'd take a few months off to write and record so I could make a full, cohesive album all at once.

From now on, I'll be putting out collections. I'll make about four new collections a year with special clay pieces offered in between, (like bonus tracks in the music world.)

It's much more fun to tell a story with several pieces that go together rather than single pieces one by one. Personally, I like listening to a whole album from beginning to end rather than a single song by itself. The artist created the entire album as a work of art to be enjoyed that way, so I'm going to honor their creation by listening to it that way.

Within my new Curious Collection, I've created a mix of my traditional robots as well as some new whimsical pieces. DianeHoney, and Bridebot are the new girls on the block. Honey is super sweet. I made her for the girly-girls out there. I've pretended to be a tomboy most of my adolescent life, (especially when I played in a band.) I've learned to embrace being a woman as I've gotten older. Hell, my pastel pink kitchenaid mixer is my most prized possession at the moment. (Well, aside from my guitar of course. But it's a close contest.)

My favorite necklace in this collection is Seneca The Wizard. If you're a Harry Potter fan and you dig wizards, that's cool, but I actually named the wizard, Seneca, after an author I admire. 

This past year has been a year of growth for me. During my quest for new direction, I came across a book called "Seneca: Letters From a Stoic" by Lucius Annaeus Seneca. It has been extremely helpful and enlightening. Seneca writes about stoicism which is a philosophy, a unique way of living life. Some of you are probably really familiar with Stoicism, but it's all new to me.

When I settle down to read this book, it's never a leisurely passing of time with a cup of tea. This author challenges me every time I open up his pages. I have to be in full concentration mode, but it's exactly what I need right now. (Maybe, I'll have to read Harry Potter afterwards for a light-hearted literary break. Haha.)

Well, everyone, these necklaces and rings are my new babies. I'm very proud of them and hope you don't mind me being prideful when it comes to my art. I hope that these pieces will bring you happiness or at least make you smile. Though, what I'm most excited for is to be able to connect with you through my art, like I have with music over the past decade. Thanks for letting me create and share:)