Friday, April 17, 2015

Speak Up tour tickets on sale!

To purchase tickets click HERE!

I just got off the phone with Jess Bowen. I've been talking a lot about the Speak Up tour on social media. By now you probably know who she is, but if you don't, she's the drummer of the indie pop band, The Summer Set. Our manager, whom we share, recommended we get on the phone and go over what our speeches were going to be about so that we were on the same page. 

I don't know Jess at all. I've ran into her a few times on tour during years past. I know that she looks like a bad ass behind a drum set. Quite honestly, the most that I've spoken to her has been during the one brunch meeting we had with our managers talking about the tour and asking us if we'd be interested in doing something like this.

During brunch she was talkative, animated, and super cute. I realized if nothing else came of this tour, at least I would be hanging out with someone awesome for a week and visiting all my favorite cities. Sign me up! 

Over our phone call today, I had prepared what I wanted to talk to her about which was my prepared speech. I must have sounded rushed and formal, much like a new patient at their first therapy session, nervous and anxious to get their life story out in a half hour before being analyzed. She replied that she thought my speech was spot on and wonderful, and we should get together and do a test run. Then there was a bit of silence on the other end of the line. I waited. And then she said, "You know, I'm really scared about doing this. I'm a drummer. I don't even have a mic on stage when my band performs."

All of the tenseness in my body dissipated with that one acknowledgement, and I sighed a sigh of relief, because I no longer had to pretend that I knew exactly what I was doing and was super confident about everything. "Thank god. I'm scared too!" and we both laughed. And then, we started to relax and actually open up to each other. 

We decided we are going to talk about hard topics such as sexuality and coming out to your friends and family, and being a female in the music industry, and the growing pains of being half-asian and non-religious in a predominately white religious community. We both realized just how personal these topics were and how challanging it would be to open up about them with a room full of strangers. But then she said something that I loved, which was, "If we are going to do this, let's do it all the way! Let's get it all out there!" 

We both ended the phone call talking about how we definitely don't have everything figured out. I said, "You know, I think that's it. I think that is what this speaking tour is all about. It's about not having the answers, and being o.k. with that and being comfortable with admitting it." And then I said, "It's too bad we didn't just record this phone conversation and play that as our speech!" And we both laughed. 

What was supposed to be a 5-minute call outlining speech topics, turned into a much longer and deeper conversation about vulnerability and being comfortable with who we are. I was laughing and enjoying it so much. I mean, I could sit and listen to Jess talk for hours about freakin' tuna and feel inspired and entertained. So after that call, I realized that this whole event is going to be just like mine and Jess's phone call. And that makes me really, really excited!

Jess and I both hope that you will join us at Speak Up!

P.S. I took a look at the venues and they all look amazing. It's going to be quite the event!! Oh, and also, we wanted to keep the events intimate, so they will most likely sell out soon!