Friday, May 8, 2015

NEW song "Say I Said Yes"!

Hello friends,

I'd like to share with you a new song I wrote called "Say I Said Yes". You can listen to it on SoundCloud, and you can also purchase "Say I Said Yes" in my new Music Shop.

I wrote "Say I Said Yes" in a flash. My boyfriend laid down drum tracks. I found a trusted friend and teacher to mix and master it, and used another friend and fellow musician's art for the track cover. (Her name is Dasha Shleyeva and her other artwork can be found at

I did this all before I could second guess myself. I've realized, after all this time, that art is not for me to judge. Art is for other people to enjoy or not enjoy. 

Through all my new experiences in jewelry and "side man" gigging for other artists, I could never quite put the quiet voice inside of me to rest, the voice that told me to write, sing, and record, and finally share it with everyone. 

This is the first track I've released in awhile, and as I dive into songwriting once again, I would love to hear your thoughts along my journey. I make art to make people happy (myself included), so if there is any way I can do it better, I'd love to hear from you.  (And I hope you all trust me to offer my opinion and help when you ask for it.)

This song is about:
comparing one's personal relationships with everyone else's, wondering if your relationship is "right" or "normal", and then realizing that it doesn't matter if it's "right" or "normal", because it is yours. (And of course I'd love to hear your own interpretations:)


Say I said yes and we bought ourselves a patch of land
I could wear a fake rock to save us both a couple grand
We could make a house a home or maybe we don't need a home at all baby
we could walk the earth instead and write down words that are in our heads
I don't need a lot to
show you that I love you
And I know you're worried about us but I feel fine

When the curse is sinking
You know what I'm thinking
I know I know that this is our only ride
We can push away and soon they'll be no land in sight.
We can tell our friends that we have given up the fight
Holdin' steady when our souls are shakin, we'll be ready babe, that's all I'm saying'
We can slip above the craze and wash our burdens off our faces.   


  1. I just want to say that I love that you're getting back to songwriting. I love everything you do, but it's always nice to hear your songs. I feel like your songs are unique which sets them apart from a lot of what is around. I love the new track and I can't wait to hear more. Great work!

  2. Hooray!! I love it so much! Always so happy to hear new music from you. I love following your journey as an artist, every blog post inspires me in a new way. xoxo

  3. New music!! I'm so excited that you are making new music! Your music has always lifted me. Please, never stop making music Meg.

  4. I really like it! It's really nice and I am always SO happy when you post new music :3 Never stop your music really inspires me every day :D

  5. Okay that was amazing. Please make more. ^_^