Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Seasons Of Our Lives

Sometimes I like to imagine that our lives have seasons. My childhood would be my spring. My "Fault In Our Stars" years would be my summer. My fall: touring in a rock band all through my twenties. 
And now, winter brings a new level of clarity, like the blank white canvas of a field of snow. All around me, when I walk outside, little ideas fall like fragile snowflakes. This has been a time of introspection and reflection, to enjoy the memories from spring, summer, and fall, and of course to be present and enjoy the rest of the winter, because another spring is just around the corner. 

During this quiet time, I constantly ask myself the question: what brings me the most joy? I also listen to the sensations in my body, just in case my heart catches any clues my mind missed. 

My winter reading includes: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo and The Art of Waking Up: A guide to spirituality without religion by Sam Harris. I am reading Marie's book because I believe, along with the author, that removing clutter in our homes is a metaphor of removing the clutter in our lives. We can focus more on what matters to us when we aren't distracted by aspects of our lives that are no longer serving our main missions. Both of these books have helped invite clarity into my life, and I am quite enjoying them.

One thing that has inspired me lately is spending time with my boyfriend and friends. I still hang out with band members from Meg and Dia all the time. Just yesterday we got together and watched Game of Thrones, covering our eyes at certain parts and gasping at others. (Can you believe that season finale?!)

It's a wonderful feeling to have known these people for almost a decade now. We still talk about music, but mostly we talk about new aspects of our lives: relationships, new business ideas, cooking. I'm happy we can all still grow together. 

It is important not to rush ourselves in our creative endeavors, to take time to wonder, to live, to be grateful.  I'm sketching new jewelry designs and recording new song ideas daily, without expectations, just doing the best I can. And I'll be showing you "the best I can" very soon.